Top Toys Under $25 for One-Year-Olds

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Heartbreaking as it may be, this is the age where your baby will change from baby to toddler! They go through a lot of development this year, and although some toys may seem a little old for them at their first birthday, they will change so quickly during this year and will start playing with their toys in new ways! Some favorites for this age include wooden puzzles, musical instruments, building blocks, and stacking/nesting toys.

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1 |  Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz ($19.95)

PipSquigz are a suction toy that can be put on any smooth surface, including the high chair and bathtub. Each one has a different texture and a rattle inside, and they make a popping noise when pulled off a surface.

Fat Brain Toys PipSquigz

2 | Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella ($19.99)

The perfect first doll for baby! Wee Baby Stella measures 12 inches and comes with a removable diaper, dress with velcro-like closure, and a pacifier that attaches magnetically. Wee Baby Stella is available in Peach, Beige, and Brown.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

3 |  TOMY Hide & Squeak Eggs ($13.99)

These Hide & Squeak Eggs are a favorite. The shells crack open to reveal six colorful eggs, which chirp when pressed. Each egg also has its own specifically shaped base inside the egg box, so your baby can learn about different shapes. 

4 |  HAPE Push & Pull Elephant ($9.99)

A push & pull toy is a classic gift for this age. The wooden ones from Hape come in a variety of animals and have an easy-to-grasp handle on the back. 

5 |  Original Toy Company Pop Up Fire Truck ($14.99)

A simple toy that is sure to delight. Push down the peg children as far as they’ll go, let them go, and they’ll POP back up! 

6 |  Melissa & Doug Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle ($9.99)

This wooden puzzle from Melissa & Doug has three pieces with easy-to-grip knobs. Each of the animals is also painted directly on the puzzle (underneath the piece), making it easier for toddlers to match the puzzle piece to its correct spot.


Push & pull toys have been some of the most loved in our house! This one features bright rainbow colors and makes a wooden click-clack sound when pushed or pulled. 


8 |  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank ($19.99)

This Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank comes with 10 colorful coins that the bank counts as your baby drops them in. It introduces babies to numbers, counting, and opposites through songs, sounds, and phrases. 

9 |  Green Toys Pick-up Truck ($16.99)

Green Toys are simply the best! They are high made from recycled milk jugs and last forever! They have lots of vehicles, but this pickup truck is a little smaller than their standard-sized vehicles, making it ideal for younger toddlers.

Green Toys Pick-Up Truck | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

10 |  Green Toys Stacking Cups ($10.99)

There are so many ways to play with these stacking cups! They can either be stacked or nested, and each cup is numbered and volumetrically accurate, so cups 1 and 3 are equal to cup 4. Perfect for playtime, bathtime, or at the beach. They’ll play with this one for years

Green Toys Stacking Cups | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

11 | Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag  ($14.99)

The Mega Bloks starter set. Includes 80 large pieces that are perfectly sized for young toddlers. They are easy to stack and easy to pull apart and come with a bag for easy storage. Available in a variety of colors. 

Mega Bloks Big Building Bag | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

12 | Hide and Seek Crawl Through Tunnel ($19.99)

Most babies & toddlers love crawling through tunnels! This one has a mesh section in the middle so they can peek through for peek-a-boo.

13 | Tegu Travel Pals ($19.99)

Tegu Toys are a favorite for children of all ages! One-year-olds will love clicking the wooden magnetic pieces together. A perfect toy for on-the-go too. 

Tegu Travel Pals | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

14 |  IKEA Mula Hammering Toy  ($7.99)

IKEA’s children toys are so simple & so beautiful, not to mention affordable! Babies this age will love to push or hammer the pegs into the holes over and over again. 

IKEA MULA Hammering Toy | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

15 | Fisher-Price Little People Songs & Sounds Camper ($22.99)

The adventures get rolling when the camper is pushed along to fun sounds, phrases, and a camping song. Open the camper and it transforms into a campsite, complete with bunk beds, a picnic table, chairs, a glowing campfire, game table, dock, and a fishing boat.

Fisher-Price Little People Songs & Sounds Camper

16 | Gund Baby Princess Castle Set($25)

Gund makes a variety of these baby sets and they are so adorable for sensory play (many of the pieces make noise) and imaginative play. A few of my other favorites are the Mermaid and My Little Gym Bag.

GUND My First Castle | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

17 |  Djeco Forest Blocks ($17.99)

These cubes are such a simple but fun toy for toddlers. They’ll love stacking them up and knocking them down over and over again. Each block is numbered and features an adorable creature. .

Djeco Forest Blocks | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

18 |  If I Were a… Board Books  ($12.50)

Adorable touch & feel books from Jelly Cat! Multiple animals to choose from and you can buy a matching Jelly Cat animal to make a gift set. 

19 |  Mudpuppy My First Puzzle Pairs ($12.99)

These puzzle pairs are a great way to introduce toddlers to classic puzzles. Before they’re able to put the pieces together, you can help them identify the matching puzzle piece. 

Mudpuppy My First Puzzle Pairs | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

20 |  Hohner Kids Toddler Glockenspiel ($19.99)

This glockenspiel is specifically designed for ages 12 months and up. It has eight multi-colored, precision-tuned bars and comes with a bag and child-safe mallet. 

21 |  Belle Turtle Buckle Toy ($19.99)

Buckle Toys are great for children who are always playing with buckles! There are lots of characters to choose from, and they all have different types of buckles and some have zippers too. 

Belle Turtle Buckle Toy | 25 Toys Under $25 for First Birthdays

22 |  Fat Brain Toys Suction Kupz ($14.95)

Six colorful, squishy cups that have a suction cup on the bottom. Stick them to windows, walls, tables, and floors, or bring them into the bathtub to scoop, pour, and float.

Fat Brain Toys Suction Kupz

23 |  Little People Zoo Animal Friends ($19.99)

The perfect size for little hands! Includes nine adorable zoo animals.

Little People Zoo Animals


A wooden ramp tower that comes with two wooden cars. The cars hit the chimes and then flip over at each turn.

Melissa & Doug First Play Roll & Ring Ramp Tower

25 |  Fat Brain Toys Oombeecube ($16.95)

The cutout spaces only match one of the tethered shapes, but it’s more than a shape sorting toy! The shapes are rubbery, textured, and squishy, so babies will enjoy playing with them and chewing on them. Bonus that you’ll never lose a shape since they’re tethered to the cube!

Fat Brain Toys oombee Cube

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Top Toys Under $25 for One-Year-Olds

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