The Best Outdoor Toys for Kids!

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I have a feeling I’m not alone in getting a major case of cabin fever recently. With all the kids at home with us around the clock, we’ve all been needing time outside more than ever. That, of course, means I’ve been on the hunt for new outdoor toys to keep the kids running, jumping, creating, playing, and burning off their seemingly endless amount of energy.

Below are some of the best outdoor toys to keep your kids entertained while they’re quarantined at home.

PlasmaCar Ride-On

Outdoor Toys for Kids

Automatic Bubble Machine ($42.99)

Pour the bubble solution into the machine’s reservoir, turn the knob to power it on, and you’ll have thousands of bubbles per minute for hours of summer fun! This one has two speed levels and the option to power by battery or plug-in so the fun will never end. (Don’t forget to stock up on bubbles!)

Step2 Rain Showers Water Table ($69.99)

Bursting with activities, this large water table features a spacious design that allows for multiple children to play together. Use the large bucket to pour water into the top to create a rain shower, launch the frog to the top of the water table, or rearrange the maze pieces to create new waterfalls.

Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow ($14.99)

Run, jump, and stomp to launch the foam rocket up to 100 feet in the air! The Jr Glow version is designed for kids ages 3 and up and comes with four glow-in-the-dark rockets to play at night.

Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer ($299.99)

I guarantee this will be the hit of the summer! This bouncer features a 7-foot padded arena for bouncing, providing space for multiple kids at once. There’s a slide to exit out front, and the shady jumper has an arched canopy to provide shade from the summer sun.

Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower ($24.99)

As your kid pushes this mini mower, the beads pop pop pop! Turn the key and pull the cord to hear engine sounds just like a real mower. And your little one doesn’t need to worry about running out of fuel – the included gas can fill it back up anytime!

The Original Plasmacar ($69.99)

No batteries, gears, or pedals – just prop your feet up on the footrests and turn the steering wheel to get moving! The Original PlasmaCar comes in multiple colors and rides best on hard, flat surfaces. Ideal for ages 3 years up to adult!

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

No outdoor toy collection is complete without this summer staple! Your child will spend hours creating, and once they’re done it washes off easily with water, leaving them with a blank canvas to start over again.

Step2 Up & Down Coaster ($119.99)

Bring Six Flags to your backyard! The Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster is a 10-foot long roller coaster ride on a track, with a riding car that has a high back, handrail, and footrests for a safe trip every time. Ideal for any thrill-seeking toddler or preschooler.

Velcro Throw & Catch Game Set ($29.99)

Anyone else remember this gem from the 90s? Perfect for the whole family, and the velcro paddles make it great for kids who are still learning to catch.

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe Scooter ($89.99)

With 3 wheels and a low-to-the-ground deck to add stability, the Micro Mini Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter will be a favorite all summer long. Featuring a unique lean-to-steer design, your child will use their body weight to lean right or left, learning how to lean into a turn. The adjustable T-bar grows with children from ages 2 – 5.

Monkey Bars Climbing Tower ($189.99)

Do you have a child that closely resembles a spider monkey? Then this dome climber is for you! Made of lightweight but durable plastic, this climbing tower will provide your kids with hours of fun. Recommend for ages 3-6.

Retrospec Cub Balance Bike ($59.99)

The ultimate beginner’s bike, the Critical Cycle Cub Balance Bike doesn’t have pedals. Say what? A bike with no pedals? New riders move the bike forward with their feet – and where there are no pedals, there are fewer scratches, minimal speed, fewer falls, and better balance. This balance bike fits children from 20 months to 5 years old with adjustable seat posts and handlebars.

Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set ($37.99)

Wow your future World Cup star with this kid-sized soccer set. The Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set comes with a goal and net, a soccer ball and a pump – everything you need for your next backyard match.

Score Soccer Set | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

Just Jump It Steppers ($12.49)

What child doesn’t love walking on stilts? Just step onto the platform, pull the rope tight and off you go!

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse ($129.99)

The most adorable playhouse features two working doors, windows, and shutters, plus it even has its own built-in mail slot. Available in multiple color combos.

Kids Garden Tool Set ($24)

Your little one will be ready to dig-in right beside you with this gardening toolset! With wooden handles and metal heads, these tools are just like the real thing shrunk down to child’s size. Comes with a shovel, rake, hoe, and leaf rake.

Wise Owl Kids Hammock ($24.95)

If you’ve got a place to hang it, this hammock will be responsible for hours of summer lounging and fun! It comes with straps and carabiners, making setup a breeze, and once you’re done it packs down to the size of an orange.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table ($54.99)

You don’t have to visit the beach for a fun afternoon in the sand! This sandbox has an elevated design letting kids stand and play. And it’s not just good for sand, but can be used as a sensory table with a variety of fillers. When playtime is over, the lid will keep the dirt and bugs away.

Radio Flyer Kids’ Wheelbarrow ($39.99)

This wheelbarrow is both functional and fun, letting your little one haul their toys and help with chores in the yard. And just like a real wheelbarrow, it has a steel tray, wooden handles, and a front wheel that rolls easily.

Marvelbeads Water Beads ($14.99)

Soak water beads in water, and they’ll grow to about the size of marbles. They’re squishy and slippery and tons of fun! Don’t forget to pair with a fun set of tools.

Web Riderz Swing n Spin ($79.99)

There’s a reason this swing has hundreds of five-star reviews! It has a 39-inch diameter, providing room for multiple kids to lay back and sway together.

Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide ($99.99)

Transform your backyard into a playground with this large slide from Little Tikes! It’s 5 feet long, so you’ll get more use from it than the smaller version, and thanks to the extra-wide base it won’t wobble.

Little Tikes Mountain River Water Slide ($469.99)

The ultimate bounce house and water slide combo! What more could your kids need for the ultimate in backyard fun? It has a climbing wall with grab handles, a large platform, and 2 curved water slides that lead to a splash pool.

Outdoor Toddler Scavenger Hunt ($12.99)

“Can you find a bird? Flap your arms like a bird.” A fun first game for little ones to get them exploring outside! This scavenger hunt includes 20 double-sided cards with simple questions and prompts to guide your toddler.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe ($49.99)

Nostalgia at its best, the beloved Little Tikes Coupe from the 80’s is still a childhood staple. This updated 30th Anniversary Edition comes with a removable floorboard and a handle on the back for push rides, so both you and your toddler can enjoy the coupe together this summer season.

Kids Walkie Talkies ($29.99)

Get your kids’ imaginations going by giving them a set of walkie talkies to play with while they’re outside! This set is sized for kids and they have a simple push-to-talk button that makes them uncomplicated to use.

Step2 Sun & Shade Picnic Table ($49.99)

Kids will love eating and playing at their own picnic table! This one is designed for four kids and has a removable umbrella for sunny days. Plus assembly and storage are made easy by the pieces that snap together and fold together neatly for storage.

Jasonwell Splash Pad Playmat ($21.99)

Bring the splash pad to your backyard with this adorable splash pad playmat! It’s a 60″ diameter shallow wading pool that doubles as a sprinkler when hooked up to the garden hose.

Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher ($26.98)

Get your little one exploring the outdoors with this adventure set! Includes binoculars, a flashlight, a multi-use tool, bug container, tweezers, magnifying glass, drawstring bag, and eBook – everything they need for hours of fun outside.

Giant Bubble Wand ($15.99)

Giant bubbles are sure to be a BIG hit with the little ones! This giant bubble wand has telescopic poles that can be adjusted to 6 different lengths, making it usable for both little kids and adults.

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