The Eight Best Sleep Sacks for Summer

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, blankets are not safe in cribs for babies under one. And once your baby is a wiggly toddler, it’d be a rare occurrence for them to make it through the night without them kicking off their blanket. So what’s the best way to keep your little one covered at night? Wearable blankets, otherwise known as sleep sacks.

First things first, let’s talk about warmth. Sleep sacks are measured by TOG, which is a European warmth rating – the higher the TOG, the warmer the product. The TOG value is a measurement of a blanket’s thermal effectiveness – aka how well it keeps your baby warm. Since we are focusing on sleep sacks that are good during the warm summer months, all the ones included in this round-up have a TOG rating of 1.0 or lower.

A quick TOG guide:
1.0 TOG – Summer and daytime naps, warmer weather, and in rooms 68-75°F
0.5 TOG – Hot weather and very warm rooms 75-81°F

Now, onto our favorite sleep sacks for summer…

Image via Woolino


Made from 100% Australian merino wool, the Woolino Baby Sleeping Bag will keep your baby “warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.” It creates a micro-climate around your baby, maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature – in warmer weather, it will absorb water away from your baby’s skin and release it into the atmosphere and during the cooler months, it will trap and circulate warm air. Another thing to love about this sleep sack is the closable seat-belt slot that makes for easy transfer from the car (or stroller) to crib. This one is on the pricier end, but it may be worth the splurge as it can be used year-round and it will fit your baby from 2 months up to 2 years!


Babies sleep better when they can feel your touch, but we can’t always be right there beside them while they sleep. Nested Bean helped solve that problem by creating a line of swaddles and sleep sacks that mimic your touch with lightly weighted pads on the chest and sides. Have a stomach sleeper? You can reverse the Zen Sack so the weight is on your baby’s back instead of their chest. The Zen Sack is made from 100% luxuriously soft cotton and it has adjustable shoulder tabs that allow for growth and a two-way zipper system for middle-of-the-night diaper changes. TOG rating = 0.5


The Halo SleepSack is “the original wearable blanket” and the #1 selling sleep sack on the market. It is made of 100% cotton and comes in a wide variety of styles and fabrics from newborns to toddlers. It’s available as both a swaddle and as a footed sleepsack, in addition to the traditional sleep sack. Other things to love is that it’s recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute due to the roomy sack design, and the inverted zipper makes for easy diaper changes. TOG rating = 0.5


These sleepers from SwaddleDesigns are made from oh-so-soft open-weave muslin cotton. This one is the lightest sleep sack on our list, making it an ideal choice for those in warm to hot climates. Like all muslin products, this sleep sack gets softer and softer with every wash, and the 2-way zipper will make for easy diaper changes. TOG rating = 0.3


We love the winter weight Sleep Nest from Baby Deedee, and were thrilled to discover they make a lightweight version for summer too! The Sleep Nest Lite is made from double-layered jersey cotton that’s as soft as your favorite tee! Its unique shoulder snaps make it easy to place your baby into the sleep sack, even while sleeping, in just two easy steps (no wrestling wiggly arms into the armholes!). TOG rating = 0.6


We promise you there is no fabric more luxurious than the silky smooth bamboo rayon used to make Kyte Baby sleep sacks. Bamboo fibers create a fabric that is gentle, breathable, and hypoallergenic making it great for babies with sensitive skin. And not only that but bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on earth, so this one is an eco-friendly choice too. Beyond the fabric, one other thing to love about Kyte Baby is the vibrant rainbow colors their sleep sacks come in. Available in both TOG rating 0.5 and 1.0.


The Swaddle UP Transition is a combo between a sleep sack and swaddle, making it ideal for younger babies not quite ready for a traditional sleep sack. The wings allow your baby to safely sleep in their natural arms up position, and once they are ready the wings can be removed one at a time to help your baby to gradually transition to arms-free sleeping. Once the wings are removed, the Swaddle UP becomes a traditional sleep sack for arms-free sleeping. TOG rating = 1.0


Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the Wearable Blanket from the one and only Burt’s Bees Baby. It’s made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that’s combed and ring-spun for durability, softness, and no-pill washing. The zipper opens from the bottom for late-night diaper changes and has a zipper cover to keep little hands away from the pull. TOG rating = 0.5

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The Eight Best Sleep Sacks for Summer

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