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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, loose blankets are not safe in cribs for babies under one. And once your baby is a wiggly toddler, it’d be a rare occurrence for them to make it through the night without them kicking their blanket off! So what’s the best way to keep your little one snuggly and warm at night? Wearable blankets, otherwise known as sleep sacks.

First things first, let’s talk about warmth. Sleep sacks are measured by TOG. What is TOG, you ask? A TOG measurement is a European warmth rating: the higher the TOG, the warmer the product. The TOG value is a measurement of a blanket’s thermal effectiveness – aka how well it keeps your baby warm. Since we are focusing on sleep sacks that are good during the warm summer months, all the ones below have a TOG rating of 1.0 or lower.

A quick TOG guide:
1.0 Tog – Summer and daytime naps, warmer weather, and in rooms 68-75°F
0.5 Tog – Hot weather and very warm rooms 75-81°F

Now, onto our favorite sleep sacks for summer…


Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles

Made from 100% Australian merino wool, the Woolino Baby Sleeping Bag will keep your baby “warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.” It creates a micro-climate around your baby, maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature – in warmer weather, it will absorb water away from your baby’s skin and release it into the atmosphere and during the cooler months it will trap and circulate warm air. Another thing to love about this sleep sack is the closable seat-belt slot that makes for easy transfer from the car (or stroller) to crib. This one is on the pricier end, but it may be worth the splurge as it can be used year-round and it will fit your baby from 2 months up to 2 years! BUY IT HERE.



Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles

Babies sleep better when they can feel your touch, but we can’t always be right there beside them while they sleep. Nested Bean helped solve that problem by creating a line of swaddles and sleep sacks that mimic your touch with lightly weighted pads on the chest and sides. Have a stomach sleeper? You can reverse the Zen Sack so the weight is on your baby’s back instead of their chest. The Zen Sack is made from 100% luxuriously soft cotton and has a TOG rating of 0.5. It has adjustable shoulder tabs that allow for growth and a two-way zipper system that makes middle-of-the-night diaper changes a breeze. BUY IT HERE.


3 |  HALO SLEEPSACK ($21.99)

Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles

The Halo SleepSack is “the original wearable blanket” and the #1 selling sleep sack on the market. It is made of 100% cotton and has a TOG rating of 0.5.  It comes in a wide variety of different sizes to fit your babe from birth to 24 months and features over 60 different patterns and fabrics (like cotton, muslin, and fleece). Other things to love is that it’s recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute due to the roomy sack design, and the inverted zipper makes for easy diaper changes. Plus you just can’t beat the price! BUY IT HERE.



Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles

These muslin sleepers from Baby au Lait are sure to impress! Made from premium open-weave cotton muslin with a TOG rating of 1.0, it will keep your baby just the right temperature on summer nights. It has a bottom-to-top zipper that makes it easy to put on and a covered tab zipper to protect your baby. Plus its machine washable and will get softer and softer with each wash. And did we mention the prints are the cutest?? BUY IT HERE.



Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles

This one is for babies who love something to cuddle while they sleep! The Bitta Kidda is a sleep sack with two loveys sewn right onto it, so your baby will have something to snuggle without the worry of loose objects in their crib. That alone makes this a pretty unique sleep sack, but there are more things to love about it too! Like the internal diaper cover that prevents your baby from getting twisted up in it, and it has a patented diagonal no-fuss zipper that extends from the bottom of the sack to under your baby’s arms to makes diaper changes a snap. BUY IT HERE.



Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles

We love the winter weight Sleep Nest from Baby Deedee, and were thrilled to discover they make a lighter one too! The Sleep Nest Lite is made from a double-layered jersey cotton that’s as soft as your favorite tee! It has a TOG rating of 0.6 so it’s perfect for air-conditioned homes or warmer winter nurseries. Its unique shoulder snaps make it easy to place your baby into the sleep sack, even while sleeping, in just two easy steps (no wrestling wiggly arms into the arm holes!). BUY IT HERE.



Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles

The revolutionary Grobag Baby Sleep Bag features a unique two-way front zipper designed to fit a five-point harness, so it can be used in a stroller or car seat! It has a 100% woven cotton outer layer and 100% soft cotton jersey inner layer, has a TOG rating of 1.0, and comes in a variety of very fun patterns. BUY IT HERE.



Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles

This sleep sack from Touched by Nature is the most affordable option on our list! It’s made from 100% organic cotton and is the perfect weight from spring or summer. It zips from bottom to top for easy diaper changes, and they come in the sweetest variety of prints! BUY IT HERE.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosure.

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Eight Sleep Sacks for Summer | Thrifty Littles