Safe Sleep Alternatives to the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play

Perhaps you have heard by now, and if not, here’s a heads up. The well-loved and incredibly popular Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play has officially been recalled.

This favorite among sleep-deprived parents has come under scrutiny as of late due to safety concerns. The Rock ‘n Play has been linked to at least 30 infant deaths in the last decade leading to the nationwide recall on April 12th. Fisher-Price, along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has advised parents to stop using the product immediately.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer


Safe sleep for your baby has been a hot topic of discussion lately because parents are so desperate for more sleep but, of course, also want our babies to be safe. So a recall like this, of a product marketed as a ‘sleeper,’ warrants a quick review of what makes an item safe for sleep.

It is recommended that babies sleep on a flat and firm surface. The surface should not be cushioned or have any sleep positioners or pillows surrounding your baby’s body or head. As much as we would like them to be, reclined sleepers (like the recalled Rock ‘n Play), nappers, swings, and car seats do not meet the standards for safe sleep.

There is a lot of baby gear that is marketed for sleep that positions the baby at an incline. In reality, these types of products should only be used as a place for your baby to play and relax while they are awake and supervised. While you may be tempted to use these for naps or even nighttime sleeping, it’s safest to utilize products that meet the standards for safe sleep.

So what items are safe for sleep? The only items that meet the CPSC standards for safe sleep are cribs, bassinets, portable cribs, and play yards. Sleepers, nappers, swings, and bouncers do not meet the standards.


If you’re wondering what alternative products you can use instead of the Rock n Play, here is a list of ten products safe for sleep. These products share some of the same features parents loved about the Rock ‘n Play including being portable and lightweight. Plus some of these options can also rock and/or vibrate if your baby prefers some motion.

With any of these options, you can feel secure having your baby sleep long periods of time without feeling the need to check on them every few minutes. And that is the goal, right?! Long stretches of uninterrupted (and safe) sleep!


The nice thing about portable bassinets is that you can create a familiar home-away-from-home environment for your baby no matter where you find yourself. The Chicco Lullago is an excellent option at home or on the road because it’s lightweight and folds flat. All the fabric is machine washable making it super easy to keep clean.

Chicco Lullago Bassinet


At first glance, this may look like it doesn’t meet the standards for safe sleep, but it does when using the bassinet insert! Yep, this is a multi-use product that can be used as a glider (with the swing attachment) or for sleep (using the bassinet attachment.) It has six gliding speeds, plays melodies and nature sounds, and has a removable canopy. Even better, you can choose between batteries or a plug-in cord whether you’re using it at home or away.

Graco Soothing System Baby Glider


This one has lots of bells and whistles to help your baby doze off including swaying motions generated by you or your baby and an overhead projector. Plus the removable light projection unit has a nightlight and overhead projector and it creates calming vibrations to create a cozy sleep environment for your baby.


This bassinet is an Amazon bestseller. In fact, it is the #1 spot in the ‘Rocking Bassinet’ category on the website and I can see why! The minimalist design is a real crowd pleaser, and the rocking option makes it a good choice if your baby requires a little motion to fall to sleep. But I’d have to say the best features is the one-second fold (seriously it’s as easy as pulling up on the handle in the middle!) making it a breeze to take on the road.

MiClassic Bassinet


The beautiful quilted fabric makes this one a bit more stylish than some of our other options, but it’s still just as portable and can easily be moved around the house on the custom gliding wheels. Plus I love the round mesh window that provides an easy view of your baby and allows for plenty of airflow and ventilation.


While this one does share a name with recently recalled Rock ‘n Play, this model is different! It is a bassinet and therefore has the flat, firm sleeping required to call this a safe sleep option for your baby. It also rocks with a gentle push and at only 7lbs, it really is easy to transport.

Fisher-Price Rock n Play Bassinet


This one is a pricier option, but it’s just so lovely and sophisticated. One of the features I love is that it is easy to rock using your hand or foot, and it also uses the baby’s own movements into gently rock them to sleep. The transparent mesh fabric allows for supervision of baby and plenty of airflow. Plus, there are no bars or loose parts to trap those tiny hands or feet.

Baby Bjorn Cradle


Not only is this a much-loved playard for kids, but it can also be used as a portable sleep safe option. For the youngest of babies, you can add on a full-size bassinet for sleep and then as they grow, remove the bassinet to reveal a spacious toddler playpen, great for both play and safe sleep. Other features include two wheels for moving it from room to room and a removable changing station.

Graco Simple Solutions Playard


If you like the idea of a playard but your baby prefers to be rocked to sleep, the DreamNest might be for you! This portable crib is the first of its kind that has a rocker attachment you can use to gently rock your baby to sleep. Even better, it’s a 3-in-1 sleep system so when your child transitions out of the bassinet, the DreamNest won’t need to get the boot. After the bassinet phase, you can convert it to a portable crib and finally a travel cot for toddlers!

Halo DreamNest Bassinet


At a push of a button, this bassinet will lull your baby off to dreamland with its smooth gliding motions. The wheels make it a cinch to move this sleep option to where you need it most, and the removable canopy helps create a cozy sleep space anywhere in your house.

Simmons Auto Gliding Bassinet
Safe Sleep Alternatives to the Fisher-Price Rock \'n Play

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