Fifteen Products To Simplify Life With a Toddler

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Toddlers love their independence but this doesn’t necessarily make parenting them any easier! In fact, it seems it oftentimes complicate things…like getting out the door in the morning or feeding them food or cleaning their room. Really, we could go on.

The good news is there are some great products made with parents of toddlers in mind and we’re sharing fifteen of our favorites.

Fifteen Products to Simplify Life with a Toddler | Thrifty Littles
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If you’ve ever tried grocery shopping with a hungry child who is mere seconds away from opening every package in the cart in ravenous desperation, the Shopping Cart Snack Tray is for you. It will stay secured to the shopping cart handle while your child happily snacks and you continue shopping (mostly) uninterrupted. With 2 different snack compartments and a snap-on lid, it’s also dishwasher safe for easy clean up once you get home. Think of it as a small lunch box that attaches to your shopping cart – we could not be more obsessed!

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


Learning how to use a spoon effectively can be a long and messy road. Long, traditional spoon handles make self-feeding frustrating for toddlers and yucky for parents because they are hard for little ones to control. That’s why Kizingo spoons are a total game changer! They have curved handles that naturally fit toddlers’ hands, making it much easier for toddlers to successfully feed themselves.  Kizingo spoons come in right or left-handed options, and made in the USA, and dishwasher safe.

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


Parents everywhere love products that are multi-functional and the Hatch Baby Rest is just that. It is a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert all in one easy-to-use device. You control it from your phone (raise your hand if you love a good app!) and can customize color, brightness, sound, and volume level. You can also program it to turn on and off automatically based on your child’s sleep schedule and it can also be tapped on manually as needed.

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


If you swoon over a neatly made bed (and cringe over the sight of your toddlers’ “made” bed), you’ll love Beddy’s Zip-Up bedding sets. These handmade bedding sets fit like a fitted sheet over the mattress, with the top layer zipping open when it’s time to crawl into bed and zipping shut again when it’s time to make the bed. It’s really that simple – with a Beddy’s set your child’s bed will always look clean and neat! Each Beddy’s set replaces a fitted sheet, top sheet, and comforter and comes with a pillowcase and sham (full and queen come with two pillowcases and shams). Beddy’s zip-up bedding sets are really where style meets function.

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers

5 |  SWOOP BAGS ($24+)

Designed to make cleanup a breeze, every Swoop Bag opens flat to become a circular playmat. Your child can play with all their toys right there on their Swoop and then when they’re done, just pull the string and everything is picked up and ready for next time! Toys stay contained, organized, and off your floor. Which really means: no more rogue lego pieces to potentially be stepped on. These bags are almost too good to be true!

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


Know what’s easier and faster than using a fork or knife to cut all of your toddler’s food? Scissors! (Seriously, it took us way too long to figure this one out!) The Simba Baby Food Cutter is a stainless steel set of food scissors with jagged blades to keep food from sliding when cutting, making mealtime prep so much faster. Small and portable, they come with a protective cover so you can easily bring them in your diaper bag for meals on the go. From pizza to peanut butter and jelly, the Simba Baby Food Cutter is a must-have for toddler dining.

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


No more waking up at 4 am because your toddler soaked through their diaper again! Said to be THE overnight diaper solution, these diaper booster pads increase diaper absorbency by a whopping 8 fluid ounces, keeping your kiddo dry and (more importantly) asleep all night long.

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


The Skip Hop Moby Rinser is more than just an adorable bathtime whale! The soft rubber lip fits snuggly to the forehead acting as a baby bath visor, preventing water from getting in your little one’s eyes. Let’s hear it for less fuss at bathtime!

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


Naptime can morph anyone into an undetectable, stealthy ninja. Help yourself sneak quietly out of any room by opening and closing the door silently with the Latchy Catchy Door Silencer. It keeps the door latch from engaging, keeping the room silent, but is thick enough to keep the door tightly shut. It also prevents toddlers from getting locked in/or locking you out of a room by not allowing the latch to engage. Win-win! 

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


Just when your toddler gets to an age where they want to do everything themselves, what do you know, snack time goes awry when your kiddo squirts their puree pouch everywhere. What’s a parent to do?! The ChooMee Food Pouch Top gives your toddler control over the flow rate of their pouch so you no longer need to worry about messy spills and pureed explosions. Plus the flow control top also has a cap, just in case they don’t finish all their fruits and veggies at mealtime. Pouches just got a whole lot more convenient.


Speaking of sticky food spills, the MyDrinky Juice Box Holder was created to prevent the dreaded juice box geyser. Now you don’t need to hold the juice box for your kiddo the entire time they’re drinking in fear of them covering their face with their beverage. Instead, they can hang on to the handles and safely sip away. Here’s to making our lives just a little bit less messy!

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


Tired of your kids’ dirty cups filling your sink? The PUJ PhillUp is a kid-friendly drinking cup that hangs up on the fridge with a grippy 3M adhesive hook. They are perfect for when your child needs a quick drink of water – they can simply unhook a cup, get themselves a drink, and then hang their cup again until next time. Each set comes with four cups each in a different color, to keep your little ones from sharing germs.

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


Stop having to pick up your child’s thrown objects off the floor! With the Lil’ Sidekick, you adjust the tether to secure items from being chucked to the ground (again and again). We’re talking sippy cups, teethers, toys, pacifiers, and more! Simply secure one end around the object and the other around a stroller, carrier, high chair, car seat, or anything else.

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers


No more fighting with your toddler over washing their hands or brushing their teeth! Your toddler will be much happier doing these tasks when they can do them all by themselves! The Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender brings water to little hands, instead of making them reach. It accommodates almost every sink too with its dual entry design, so it works just as well in the kitchen as the bathroom.

Fifteen Products That Will Simplify Your Life With Toddlers

15 |  OXO TOT GRAPE SLICER ($9.99)

One of those products you don’t think you need…until you have it! Grapes can be a high-risk choking hazard to small children, but cutting them up can be time-consuming, especially when you have multiple hungry kids to feed. The OXO Tot Grape Slicer is here to save the day (and your time) by allowing you to effortlessly cut each grape into fourths, quickly and safely. This means safer snack time for hungry toddlers and busy parents.

Fifteen Products To Simplify Life With a Toddler

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