Top Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

We have lots of great gift ideas for four-year-olds! At this age, most kids enjoy pretend play and storytelling so costumes and dresses are likely to be a big hit. They also love to imitate anything and everything you do, so tools, dolls, and play kitchens are also a great option. Four-year-olds are also getting much better at designing and building more complex structures, so a simple wooden block set or other building toys will be enjoyed for years!

1 |  Build & Imagine Creativity Castle ($59.95)

A cross between magnetic building blocks and a dollhouse, the Build and Imagine Creativity Castle allows children to combine the illustrated magnetic panels any way they like to build a custom castle. It breaks down easily and packs away neatly, allowing your four-year-old to build it a new way each time. This set includes 14 illustrated magnetic building panels, two dress-up dolls, and 63 magnetic accessories. (You can see more Build & Imagine sets here.)

Build & Imagine Creativity Castle | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

2 |  K’nex Lincoln Logs ($41.99)

Nostalgia is calling with this K’nex Lincoln Logs set! Inspired by the original Lincoln Logs that you know from your childhood, this 111-piece wood set offers three building ideas: a tall tower, two small houses with a bonfire, and a large cabin. Your four-year-old can follow the guide or mix and match to build their own structures. 

Lincoln Logs | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

3 |  Kids First Automobile Engineer ($44.99)

Your four-year-old can be an engineer with this hands-on automobile building kit! They will follow along Karlie and Ty Omega on a trip to the grocery store and build the vehicles they encounter along the way. The set includes seventy large pieces to build 10 vehicles, a storybook-style instruction manual, and a durable storage case. 

Automobile Engineer Kit | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

4 |  Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Kit ($49.99)

Turn any playroom into a working science lab with this lab kit! Follow the step-by-step instructions to conduct your own experiments while learning math and problem-solving. This lab kit includes a tall stand with holder clips, two large test tubes with stand, two sensory tubes with solid and vented lids, two funnels and connector tubes, an eyedropper, safety glasses, a view scope with viewing case, and 20 double-sided activity cards. 

Science Lab Kit | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

5 |  Mindware Marble Run ($34.95)

Ready to roll? With the Mindware Marble Run, your four-year-old can build a marble track that twists, turns, races and spins marbles at incredible speeds! The set includes over 100 pieces and 20 marbles, and comes in a sturdy box with a carrying handle for easy storage. 

Mindware Marble Run | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

6 |  Educational Insights My First Workbench ($49.99)

This My First Workbench is where creative play meets construction. Your child can follow along with the activity manual to create one of ten patterns by hammering nails and drilling bolts into the workbench, or they can use their creativity to make designs of their own! 

My First Workbench | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

7 |  Leapfrog Leapreader Reading Writing System ($34.99)

Leapreader helps your child learn to read and write by sounding out words and guiding letter strokes interactively! It combines three essential literacy skills: reading, writing, and listening. Touch words to hear them read aloud and play games that build vocabulary and comprehension. Then trace letters, numbers, and words on special paper for mess-free writing. 

Leapfrog Leapreader | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

8 |   Melissa & Doug Dress Up Costumes ($29.99)

Let your four-year-old’s imagination run wild with the numerous Melissa & Doug Dress up costumes. Whether your child wants to be a veterinarian, a pirate, fairy, train engineer, or astronaut, there’s a costume for them! 

Role Play Costumes | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

9 |  Fancy Nancy Ultimate Dress-up Trunk ($39.99)

Dressing fancy like Nancy has never been so fun! This ultimate dress-up trunk includes 13 fabulous pieces: two dresses, two tiaras, a necklace, earrings, bracelets, sunglasses, a ribbon streamer, boa, and a fancy storage trunk case. 

Fancy Nancy Ultimate Dress Up Trunk | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

10 |  HAPE Wooden Dynamo Dominoes Set ($39.99)

If you’re looking for larger domino blocks for little kids’ hands, this is your set! The Hape Wooden Dynamo Dominos set comes with 100 colorful dominoes plus seven super fun trick add-on pieces including a bridge, bell, rails, and more. Your four-year-old will have fun while learning the principles of balance, cause and effect, and strategy. 

11 |  Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set ($37.49)

Gooooooaaaaaalll! Wow your future World Cup star with this kid-sized soccer set. The Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set comes with a goal and net, a soccer ball and a pump – everything you need for your next backyard match.

Score Soccer Set | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

12 |  Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Building Blocks ($69.99)

The Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Building Blocks inspire children to build, stack, and use their imaginations to make all sorts of structures. With 60 natural finished, smooth-sanded hardwood blocks, this building block set will be a favorite for years. 

Wooden Block Set | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

13 |  Melissa & Doug Double-sided Art Easel ($39.99)

If your four-year-old is a young van Gogh, this double-sided art easel will inspire them to create their own masterpieces. It has a magnetic dry-erase board on one side, a chalkboard on the other side, and a built-in wooden paper roll holder and supply holder. 

Tabletop Art Easel | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

14 |  VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix ($39.99)

Now your child can take real digital photos with the Kidizoom Camera Pix by VTech! With a durable design that protects it from drops and over 35 fun photo effects, your four-year-old will feel like a pro.

VTech Kidizoom Camera | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

15 |  Kidkraft Uptown Kitchen ($139.99)

It’s time to cook up a little fun! This Kidkraft Uptown Kitchen has a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher, all with doors that open and close. It’s stylish and realistic, and since it’s a little taller than other play kitchens, it’s perfect for a four-year-old. 

Kidkraft Uptown Natural Kitchen | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

16 |  Triokid 2-in-1 Deluxe Doll Stroller ($79.99)

The Triokid Deluxe Doll Stroller is not your average doll stroller. This stylish and surprisingly realistic doll stroller features as adjustable carrycot that can be used in the lying position or in a forward-facing or backward-facing incline position. It comes in several colors and your kiddo can even draw on the fabric to customize it! 

TrioKid Deluxe Baby Doll Stroller | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

17 |  Play-Dox Play n Store Table ($39.99)

We haven’t met a kid yet that doesn’t like Play-Doh, and this creative play table has everything needed for hours of Play-Doh fun! Included are eight containers of Play-Doh and more than 25 tools, plus there are molds built right into the tabletop. And when your little one is done playing, all the pieces together fit in the table to be stored until next time. 

Play Doh Activity Table | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

18 |  Playmobil Large City Zoo ($49.95)

Bring the zoo to you! The Large City Zoo Set includes seven Playmobil figures, three lions, six penguins, three marmots, a peacock, mouse, wheelbarrow with meat, stroller, and an adorable souvenir shop with lots of accessories. Sure to be a roarin’ good time!

Playmobil Large City Zoo | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

19 | American Girl WellieWishers ($60)

At 14.5” tall, WellieWishers are a bit smaller than the standard sized American Girl Dolls, making them a better size for many four-year-olds. Similar to the larger dolls, there are lots of adorable outfits and accessories, plus you can even buy your child a coordinating outfit to match their doll! 

American Girl Wellie Wishers | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

20 |  Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag ($34.95)

To the parent with the child with tons of stuffed animals taking over their bedroom, this one is for you! This stuffed animal storage bag can be filled with up to 90 stuffed animals and loveys, which turns it into a fun, cozy bean bag! They’ll love having a place of their own to lounge and play, and you’ll love not having to look at the explosion of stuffed animals in their room.

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

21 |  Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track ($49.40)

With over 16 feet of track featuring motorized boosters, a car feeder ramp, and four intersecting crash zones, this Criss Cross Crash Track it’s perfect for any thrill-seeking, Hot Wheels lovin’ four-year-old. 

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Track Set | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

22 |  Teamson Kids Wooden Dress Up Center ($125)

If your little one loves to play dress-up, this wooden dress-up closet will be the perfect gift for them! It features hanging space for dresses and cloaks, a shoe rack, accessory hooks, and a mirror. 

Teamson Kids Dress Up Rack

23 |  Melissa & Doug Rotisserie and Grill BBQ Play Food Set ($50)

Fire up the grill and cook up a fantastic feast with this wooden BBQ playset! Includes a whole rotisserie chicken that spins on a skewer, a fish, sausage, shrimp, kabob veggies, plus grilling accessories. After mealtime, use the grill as a storage place for all the pieces until next time! (There’s also a similar pizza oven set & ice cream counter set.) 

Rotisserie BBQ Set | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

24 |  KidKraft Fire Station Set ($64.99)

The KidKraft Fire Station Set offers 360 degrees of imaginative play! Features a helipad and a garage with opening and closing doors. Comes with a firehouse, a helicopter, fire truck, and fifteen accessories. 

KidKraft Fire Station Set | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds

25 |  IKEA Swivel Chair ($69.99)

We guarantee this swivel chair to be a huge hit with your four-year-old! They can play by spinning the chair round and round, then pull the hood down to make it a cozy hideaway. 

IKEA Swivel Chair | 25 Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds
Top Toys Over $25 for Four-Year-Olds