Welcome Ander Grey!

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You may have figured out from my month long absence that our baby boy arrived! Meet Ander Grey. He was born on January 5th, one day after his due date. He came out after just three contractions, weighing 9 lbs 2 oz and measuring 20″ long. He is such a mellow baby, and thankfully such a champ at nursing and sleeping. Needless to say we are smitten!

Welcome Ander Grey!

Welcome Ander Grey

We’ve had quite the chaotic month since Ander’s arrival. Winnie and I both had a terrible cold the first week we were home, Ryan and I both got hit with the flu, Winnie cut two molars, and then there’s just the typical adjusting to life with a newborn. It’s been rough. But we decided since we survived this month, it should be easy going from here on out, right? 😉

Both girls have been busy loving on their baby brother. Mae’s an old pro at this baby stuff now and has been a giant help, and Winnie just spends most the day stuffing whatever random binky she finds around the house in his mouth and poking his eyes. All things considered, she’s handling being demoted from baby to middle child pretty well.

I’ll be slowly getting back into the hang of things here on the blog over the next month. I’ve missed this space so I’m looking forward to spending time posting & hunting down deals again!

(Ander’s swaddle set is here and the plaid muslin swaddle is here.)

Photos by Ashley Vos Photography.

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