The Walmart Car Seat Trade-In Event is Here!

If you missed the Target Car Seat Trade-In Event, then here is some good news for you! As part of Walmart’s Best of Baby Month, Walmart is teaming up with TerraCycle to recycle used car seats.

From Monday, September 16th to Monday, September 30th, bring in your child’s old car seat and you’ll get a $30 Walmart gift card! If you need to upgrade your child’s current car seat, you can of course apply this gift card towards a new infant car seat, convertible car seat, or booster seat. But what makes Walmart’s car seat trade-in event unique is that this gift card isn’t limited to baby gear and can be used on most anything at Walmart!

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Image: Graco

How the Walmart Car Seat Trade-In Event Works: 

  • Bring your car seat to the trade-in event at your participating Walmart between Monday, September 16th and Monday, September 30th
  • Walmart will accept and recycle all brands of infant car seats and convertible car seats (booster seats are not eligible for trade-in)
  • Take the car seat to the Customer Service Desk and receive your $30 gift card in return
  • Each household may trade in up to two car seats
  • The $30 gift card can be used towards a future car seat or baby gear purchase, or any other purchase at Walmart!

TIP: If you don’t have a car seat to trade-in, you may be able to find a FREE used car seat through Facebook Marketplace or your local Buy Nothing Project group.

And what happens to the old car seats you’re turning in during this event? Walmart will partner with TerraCycle to recycle all the car seats collected during the trade-in event. TerraCycle works with major manufacturers and retailers to recycle “difficult-to-recycle” products and packaging that would usually end up in the landfill.

Meaning you’ll be able to clear that old car seat out of your garage AND help the environment. We call that a win-win!

When is the Next Walmart Car Seat Trade-In Event?

The last Walmart Car Seat Trade-In Event occurred in September 2019. It was scheduled to run from September 16th through September 30th, but due to an overwhelming response, they ended the event on September 21st! According to Terracycle, during that week they collected more than one million car seats, or the equivalent of 200+ million plastic water bottles.

Walmart didn’t have any car seat trade-in events during 2020, and we’re still waiting to hear on 2021 dates. If they have one, I suspect it may happen again in September. We’ll keep you posted!

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