Top Toys Over $25 for Two-Year-Olds

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Next up in our birthday gift guide series is our top toys over $25 for two-year-olds! We’ve included lots of toys for getting wiggles out since two-year-olds are often a little rambunctious and love to test their capabilities.

1 |  Folding Gym Mat ($34.99)

Safely tumble, summersault, and play – all without having to leave the living room. This mat folds flat for easy storage when it’s not in use and is light and easy to move around from room to room. Perfect for any active kiddo.

Folding Play Mat | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

2 |  Cub Balance Bike ($59.99)

The ultimate beginner’s bike, the Critical Cycle Cub Balance Bike doesn’t have pedals. Say what? A bike with no pedals? New riders move the bike forward with their feet – and where there are no pedals, there are fewer scratches, minimal speed, fewer falls, and better balance. This balance bike fits children from 20 months old with adjustable seat posts and handlebars. 

Cub Balance Bike | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

3 |  Mini Me Critter Pack ($65)

An adorable diaper bag sized for your little one! This Mini Me Critter Pack comes with a changing pad, has multiple storage pockets, and is easy to clean thanks to the water-resistant interior and coated canvas exterior. 

Mini Me Critter Pack | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

4 |  Brio My First Railway ($49.99)

Choo Choo! Calling all young conductors! The Brio My First Railway is the perfect size for toddlers. Finished in bright red and green, this toy will spark creativity and help develop hand-eye coordination. 

My First Railway | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

5 |  First Orchard Game ($25.99)

In this game, children work as a team trying to pick the fruits from the trees before the raven reaches the end of the path. The First Orchard game is designed to develop social skills and understanding of game rules, color recognition skills, and teach counting by ones. Great for the young board game enthusiasts!

6 |  Easy Tikes Easyscore Basketball Set ($34.99)

With an oversized rim and a kid-sized basketball, the Easy Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set ensures that baskets are easier to make. It adjusts to six heights ranging from 2 to 4 feet so it’s sure to be a fan favorite for a long time. 

EasyScore Basketball Set | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

7 |  Moluk Bilibo ($29.99)

The Moluk Bilibo has a unique shape that engages the imagination! Is it a sled, a seat, a stepping stone, or a helmet? It can be anything your child wants it to be! Made of nontoxic and shatterproof polyethylene, so it will last for years! 

Moluk Bilibo | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

8 |  Vet Doctor Kit ($26.50)

Great for hours of imaginative play, this Vet Doctor Kit comes with a set of keys (to lock and unlock coordinating kennel doors), two plush animals, and four vet tools. Every young pet lover will have a blast pretending to be a veterinarian! 

Vet Doctor Kit | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

9 |  Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer  ($279.99)

Be the envy of the neighborhood all while encouraging your 2-year-old to get all of their wiggles out with the Little Tikes Jump ‘N Slide Bouncer. Little ones will have a blast jumping up and down and going down the large inflatable slide over and over again. The mesh sides keep will them contained but allow you to easily keep an eye on the fun! 

Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

10 |  Hideaboo Hideout Card Table Fort ($29.95)

Transform any plain old card table into a magical fort with the Hideaboo Hideout! The Hideaboo is a table cover that slips easily over a standard size card table transforming it into an exciting destination hideout. Choose from a castle, rocket, submarine, and more! 

Hideaboo Hideout | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

11 |  Jumbo Jungle Animals ($34.99)

Lions, tigers, and elephants – oh my! This Jumbo Jungle Animal set is a great size for small hands and includes 5 oversized animals – a giraffe, gorilla, elephant, tiger, and lion. 

Jumbo Jungle Animals | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

12 |  HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game ($39.99)

The Haba Rainbow Whirls Pegging game is an engaging 32 piece set, made of brightly colored pegs and rings made from German beech wood. The color combinations are endless! 

13 | My Quiet Book ($32.95)

Give little hands something to keep them busy with the My Quiet Book. It is a fabric activity book (personalized with your child’s name!) that’s filled with quiet time activities like buttons, snaps, zippers, and more. 

My Quiet Book | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

14 |  Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister ($39.99)

This seated spinner can be fun for one or two children and can be used both inside or outside. Want more fun outside? Attach the garden hose and it becomes a wet ‘n wild dual twister!

Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

15 | Roller Coaster Ride On ($119.99)

Bring Six Flags to your backyard! The Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster is a 10-foot long roller coaster ride on a track. The recessed retrainer well keeps the car in place, and the highback riding car with handrail ensures a safe and exciting trip every time. Ideal for any thrill-seeking 2-year-old. 

Roller Coaster Ride On | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

16 | Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table ($54.99)

This Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table is the perfect height for toddlers. It comes with a lid and elastic tie-downs to keep everything contained when not in use, and the molded-in roadways on lid provide an additional play surface. If sand isn’t your thing, you can turn it instead into a fantastic sensory table – just add water beads, dried rice and beans, you name it. 

Sand Table | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

17 |  Black Stripe Teepee ($159)

Surprise your two-year-old with their very own play tent! This Canvas Teepee is sure to spark their imagination. A perfect place to relax and read a book, take a nap, or go on imaginary adventures! Sure to be non-stop fun for years to come.

Striped Teepee | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

18 | Duplo Toy Playground ($49.99)

You really can’t go wrong with the timeless gift of Legos. Duplo bricks are twice the length, height, and width of traditional Lego bricks, making them easier to handle and less likely to be swallowed by younger children. This brightly colored playground set includes a spinning windmill, a working swing, 2 slides, a bouncy car ride on a spring and 2 Duplo figures. 

Lego Duplo Playground | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

19 |  Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter ($89.99)

The unique three-wheel design and smooth-gliding (quiet!) wheels make the Kick Scooter one of the highest-rated scooters on the market. With the unique lean-to-steer design, your child will use their body weight to lean right or left, learning how to lean into a turn and teaching them to balance and coordination. The Mini Deluxe features an adjustable T-bar and higher weight limit, so it will grow with your child longer than the Micro Mini Original

Micro Kickboard Scooter | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

20 |  Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart ($57.99)

From Melissa & Doug, this realistic kid-sized metal shopping cart is a great gift for any two-year-old. It even has a folding seat for your child’s favorite shopping companion! Fun on aisle five! 

Toy Shopping Cart | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

21 |  Trumpette Howdy Cow Bouncer Ride-on Toy ($45)

If your toddler loves to hop and bounce, the Howdy Cow will quickly become their new best friend. Howdy has extra long ears for easy grasping and is just the right height to hone those balancing skills. 

Trumpette Howdy Cow | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

22 |  Step2 Choo Choo Train ($99.99)

Great for trips around the neighborhood, this outdoor Choo Choo Train wagon includes two cars so children have their own space! Each car has cup holders, roomy foot wells, and seatbelts. A first-class wagon train ride! If more little ones want to join the fun, you can add up to three additional Choo Choo Trailers (sold separately). 

Step2 Choo Choo Wagon | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

23 |  Fat Brain Toys Personalized Name Puzzle ($26.95)

A custom name puzzle designed just for your child! This personalized name puzzle has brightly-colored wooden letters that measure 3″ tall, the perfect size for small hands. Exceptional hand-crafted quality make this a gift that will be treasured for years to come. 

24|  ECR4Kids Climb and Crawl Foam Play Set ($170)

Calling all climbers! The 5 foam pieces (a square, rectangle, wedge, cylinder and half-moon) can be arranged and rearranged into countless configurations to keep kids climbing, crawling, and sliding. Perfect for gross motor development. 

Softzone Play Set | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

25 | Playmobil Suburban Home Playset ($55)

The Playmobil Suburban Home Playset is perfect for young imaginations. This two-story home comes with a fully-furnished kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and has a grid layout that makes securing furniture to the floors as easy. Kids will love the functioning doorbell and sound effects! 

Playmobil Suburban Home | 25 Gifts Under $25 for Two-Year-Olds

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Top Toys Over $25 for Two-Year-Olds

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