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Does anyone else have a serious case of spring fever?  Once March 1st hits, I’m completely done with the gray. I’m in Seattle, so we’re not quite done yet but that’s not gonna stop me from planning out the girls’ spring wardrobes. And by “girls” I actually just mean Winnie since I have exactly zero input into what Mae wears these days. It’s one of three dresses (no joke), and once those are dirty it’s total meltdown mode getting that child dressed in the morning. Also, coats? Or sweaters? Ha! Haha. Nope, she just walks around in short sleeve or sleeveless dresses in the cold while I deal with judgmental glances. At least I’m saving lots of money on her clothes – just stashing it away so I can hoard all the baby bloomers for Winnie this summer. Cause you know, baby thighs. #hearteyesfordays

Twelve Spring Dresses for Girls | Thrifty Littles Blog

For those of you who are still able to have some sort of input into what your child wears, here are twelve spring dresses I’m loving. A couple are splurges, but most are under $30!

Twelve Spring Dresses for Girls | Thrifty Littles Blog

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight
nine (for baby) | ten | eleven | twelve

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(Feature image via Tea Collection, dress nine for baby above.)

This post contains affiliate links.