Twelve Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day has become my favorite “me” day of the year! My birthday is two days before Christmas and I’m always running around like crazy getting everything ready for the holiday, so I have really come to love the mellowness of Mother’s Day is. Our family tradition is to get brunch and flowers from the farmer’s market. We hang with just us five, and it always ends up being such a perfect day.

Below are a few things I have on my wishlist this year. Whether you’re looking for ideas for yourself or shopping for your own mom, I hope this will give you a few ideas!


1 |  Lush Incredible Mom Gift Set ($39.95)

Bath bombs are one of those things I rarely indulge in for myself, but absolutely love to receive as a gift. Now if only this gift set came with a guaranteed one hour of alone time for said bath…


2 |  J. Crew Mama T-Shirt ($39.50)

The perfect mama tee. Or if you’d rather, you can get it as a tote bag too!


3 |  The Magic of Motherhood by Ashlee Gadd ($18.95)

This one has been on my reading list for a while now! From the writer of the popular blog Coffee + Crumbs, this is all about motherhood “the good stuff, the hard stuff, and everything in between.”



4 |  Micro Kickboard Scooter ($199)

I’ve been a little jealous of my girls’ scooters for years! This year I’ve put an adult one on my wishlist so I can join in on their adventures. I see lots of trips to Starbucks together this summer…


5 |  Mama Script Ring ($50)

The perfect simple “mama” ring. Available in both gold and silver.


6 |  Farmgirl Fresh Flowers ($48+)

Flowers from the farmer’s market are my personal favorite, and the bouquets from Farmgirl Flowers are like having them delivered. The presentation is stunning, and I love that they are ethically grown.



7 |  Apple AirPods ($159)

I’m always listening to podcasts and music while I do the laundry and clean the house during nap time (and some topics aren’t kid-friendly), so I’ve got Apple AirPods on my wishlist. That way I can listen with no cords in the way!


8 |  Le Specs Weekend Riot Sunglasses ($69)

Anyone has obsessed with a good pair of sunnies for those mornings you just can’t pull it together? Currently loving this pair that’s not too spendy.


9 |  Madewell Naida Half-Bow Sandals ($98)

The perfect suede slide for summer. I’ll take these in all the colors, please!

Madewell Naida Sandal


10 |  Sugarfina Taste of Paradise Candy Bento Box ($28)

Sugarfina has the best presentation, but their candy is also delicious too. Always a go-to gift for me.

11 |  Amazon Echo ($99.99)

How did I even function in motherhood before the days of Alexa? I use her make grocery lists, Target lists, set timers, play podcasts while I’m doing the dishes, and play music for the girls when I need a minute.

12 |  Yeti Rambler Insulated Tumbler ($29.99)

This may look like a boring Mother’s Day gift, but I promise it’s not! If you don’t have a Yeti tumbler yet, you need one in your life. It’ll keep your coffee hot and your water cold all day long.

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Twelve Last-Minute Mother\'s Day Gift Ideas