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Have you guys heard of Toymail yet? They’re the hippest little Wi-Fi enabled mailboxes that can receive (and send) recorded messages to your little ones!

Toymail Mailmen
It works like this, an approved contact records a message on their Android or iOS smartphone using the free Toymail app and then sends it off to be delivered through the toy mailman in either their regular voice or one of the available silly voices. The mailman will snort, wheeze, or whinny to alert the child there is a message waiting for them. And kids can then send a reply back by speaking into the mailman.

Maybe you’d like to send a message to your kid while they’re with the babysitter reminding them to eat their veggies or grandma wants to send them a goodnight message. You can also buy a Toymail subscription ($0.99 for 90 days) through the app to have daily messages sent including morning greetings, little stories, and fun facts.

Toymail Snort the Pig

The mailmen were created by two Brooklyn women as a way for parents to stay connected to their kids. They were designed to look like a cross between a city mailbox and an animal, and the result is darling. Truth be told, I kind of want one for myself.

Toymail Mailmen Lineup
Toymail mailmen typically retail for $60 (and an be purchased through Amazon), but TODAY ONLY you can snag one over on Zulily for just $39.99! Trust me, it’s not easy to find deals on these so I was pretty excited to see these pop up for 33% off.