Tooth Fairy Ideas that Make for a Magical Visit

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At Thrifty Littles, we believe in magic, and especially in the magic of childhood. The Tooth Fairy is a big part of childhood charm, and if you’re parents of a certain age, you have your own fond memories of visits from the elusive pixie. 

Maybe you already have ideas about how you’ll celebrate the Tooth Fairy at your house. Perhaps your child has a loose tooth, and you’ve never even thought about what kind of Tooth Fairy will be visiting your child’s bedroom. From Tooth Fairy letters to pillows and printables, there are all sorts of new ways to make losing teeth fun for the whole family! We’ve rounded up our favorites tooth fairy gift ideas.  

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Tooth fairy gift ideas and pillows.

Tooth Fairy Pillows and Boxes

Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow

This silly and adorable felt pillow has a big grin with a missing tooth. Parents can choose from an array of beautiful color options to personalize the smile, and you can even add a hair bow if you’d like. This plushy pillow is hand-cut and hand-sewn, and it includes both a front mouth and back pocket.

Image: Mikel Michelle Co

Embroidered Tooth Fairy Pillow

This charming plush pillow hangs from the door handle, making it easy on the Tooth Fairy and exciting for kiddos. Just pop teeth in the pocket on the back, hang it up, and tell the littles the sooner they go to sleep, the sooner they’ll wake up to a surprise. Any bedtime motivation we can get, we’ll take! (If you have a superhero fanatic in your house, there is an adorable Spiderman Tooth Fairy Pillow from the same seller!)

Image: FeltErAA

Plush Tooth Fairy Pillow

Customize these little handled pillows with your child’s name for an extra special touch. They’re made of soft, minky fabric and finished with a felt-appliqued tooth. There are two available pockets—a smaller lost tooth compartment on the front and a larger pocket on the back for the Tooth Fairy to leave a note or money.

Image: That’s Sew Personal

Tooth Fairy Jar

We love this little personalizable jar that can be used to exchange teeth for cash or treats. Add your child’s name to the front and choose to leave the back blank, or customize with one of two sweet phrases. We especially love the addition of a note your child can leave for the Tooth Fairy.

Image: Susabellas

Personalized Tooth Fairy Box

Your child will love opening this beautifully crafted, personalized box the morning after placing a lost tooth inside. Each 100% wood, laser-engraved Tooth Fairy box will have a different grain pattern, making each one as unique as your kiddo. 

Image: Flowertown Weddings


The sweetest metal tin that makes the perfect place for little ones to put their tooth before placing under their pillow. Or, a place to preserve their first lost tooth. Available in three colors.

Image: Maileg

Little Mouse Tooth Fairy 

For the children who love a fairytale, this Little Mouse Tooth Fairy can be used as a stand-in for the famous pixie, a tooth guard, or a Tooth Fairy messenger. The mouse is dressed magically in a shiny hat and comes with a cute little bag to store little teeth. There is also a girl option

Image: Maileg

Tooth Commander Pillow

For the kiddos who love space adventures and the parents who might not feel like storing their children’s teeth, there’s the Tooth Commander Pillow. Children will love the plush dog and rocket ship. Parents will love that no further explanation will be needed as to where all those lost teeth ended up. They’re shooting stars now, obviously 😉

Also available as a Mermaid and Fire Dog.

Image: Mon Ami

Tooth Fairy Certificates

Tooth Fairy Paper Certificate

We might not need 32 of these Tooth Fairy Certificates, but it’s always better to have too many than not enough, especially when you’re in a pinch and a tooth is lost right before bedtime. Each certificate comes complete with an official seal of approval from the Tooth Fairy; gold foil detailing; and checkboxes for “Healthy,” “Strong,” “Clean,” and “Bright,” which encourage littles to keep up with their daily brushing routine and dentist’s appointments.

Image: Juvale

Personalized Tooth Fairy Kit

If you want to go all in, grab one of these personalized Tooth Fairy Kits from Etsy! It comes with a customized Tooth Fairy Pouch, a small plastic jar with a cork lid and white tooth decal, a first tooth certificate and ribbon (when rolled up, it will fit in the pouch), and Tooth Fairy tooth receipts.

Note this cute little package ships from Australia, so you’ll want to factor in time and shipping costs, especially if you’re getting it in anticipation of that first lost tooth. 

Image: MilliBee Designs

Tooth Fairy Letter

Double down on the Tooth Fairy magic with a mini wax-sealed letter tied with cotton twine postal string and a tiny magnifying glass! This official Tooth Fairy mail will be such a fun treat for your toothless child. Your little one’s letter will be personalized with the date his or her tooth was collected and a tooth grading from tooth specialist, Master Floss, along with what the tooth was used for. This option will also teach your kids patience since they’ll have to wait by the mailbox to get their official mail from the Tooth Fairy. 

Image: Munchkin Mail Shop

Tooth Fairy Kit 

This cute Tooth Fairy kit offers the full Tooth Fairy experience! It includes one tooth pillow door hanger with a pocket for lost teeth and notes, tooth fairy stationary, tooth receipts, stickers, and a tooth journal.

Its official tooth receipts have space for the date, the amount awarded, and tooth quality, making it perfect for encouraging healthy brushing habits. The journal includes diagrams for children to color in which tooth they lost and space for them to write in the date, their age, the story of how they lost their tooth, and the reward they got for it. Dear Tooth Fairy letters and stickers make for a fun craft—kiddos can express their creativity and write a letter to the tooth fairy every time they lose a tooth. 

Image: Pearhead

Printable Letters and Certificates

Tiny Tooth Fairy Letter and Certificate

Any parent’s ears usually perk up at the words: “instant” and “printable.” This tiny Tooth Fairy letter and certificate is both! The text on the note is fully editable and can be updated for each lost tooth. The designs are hand-drawn or painted and full of whimsy. From the creator: “The stamp on the envelope is a watercolor painting of a fairy sitting and reading on a toadstool. The Fairy and fairy toadstool house on the letter are hand-drawn, too—no off-the-shelf digital images here!” Dreamy, indeed. 

Image: The Party Artisan

Tooth Fairy Set

A sweet pink set for the rosy-hued lovers in your family, this Tooth Fairy kit includes a Tooth Fairy official certificate, customer receipt, door hanger sign, Tooth Fairy visitor poster, a letter from the Tooth Fairy, lost tooth report, and a lost tooth chart. It’s all customizable with either typed font or handwriting. Fill the whole house with magic when you grab this set! 

Image: Sunshine Parties

My Tooth Chart

We love us a high-quality digital download, and this tooth chart from Etsy is a wonderful way to teach your child about their teeth as they’re losing them. It gives children a full picture of their mouths and allows them to practice writing, filling in dates, and learning about their bodies in a super-cute and interactive way. They’ll also make for fun keepsakes!

Purchase includes two pages: one with a full-page tooth chart and one with two. 

Image: Fairy Bear Design

Tooth Fairy Receipt and Bag Tag

This set of digital downloads keeps your kids accountable for brushing, a task with which most parents will welcome any support. Print these as needed and leave a note for your little ones to let them know the Tooth Fairy has visited them. All you have to do is fill in your child’s details and leave it for them to find. Plus, you can help your mini prepare for the Tooth Fairy’s visit with the included “For the Tooth Fairy” tags.

Grab one of the plush pillows from the beginning of this list, cut out a tag, and tie it around the door hanger for added joy all around.

Image: Willow Paper Studio

Other Tooth Fairy Keepsakes

Tooth Fairy Doors

Want to add extra fairy magic to your child’s room? Get one of these Tooth Fairy doors and use your imagination to create Tooth Fairy stories together! They’ll love the added anticipation of the Tooth Fairy’s visit, and you’ll love how willing they’ll be to brush their teeth, knowing the Tooth Fairy will soon be scrutinizing their missing pearly whites.

Sent in a sweet gift box and designed to go on or above baseboards or bookshelves, these hand-painted doors also have knobs and a letter-box or knocker. 

Image: Tooth Fairy Magic Doors

Tooth Fairy Wish Bracelet

Your little can take the Tooth Fairy everywhere with this magical handmade wish bracelet. Pick from three different charms and three thread colors. Each bracelet comes with a note of encouragement to keep brushing and is made to order by hand. 

Image: Happy Mail Designs UK

Tooth Fairy Gold Coins

For the coin-motivated kids in your life, grab a handful of these Tooth Fairy Gold Coins. They’re made out of iron, which gives them a nice weight and can be collected and exchanged for prizes of your choosing. Teaching kids money management and dental hygiene? Have we told you lately what a great parent you are? 

Image: Zoolmeean

Tooth Fairy Pressed Penny

There is something extra special about a pressed penny to commemorate big moments, and losing teeth surely qualifies as monumental. Exchange this Tooth Fairy pressed penny for teeth and watch your child’s sense of wonder grow. 

Image: The Penny Depot

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

Sometimes even the best Tooth Fairies appreciate a reminder that they have work to do, which is where this Tooth Fairy Door Hanger comes in extra handy. Not only does it help to avoid conversations about how the Tooth Fairy knows to stop in your child’s room, but it also helps your local Tooth Fairy plan his or her evening. It’s handmade, laser-cut, hung with twine, and ready to ship. What are you waiting for?

Image: Looploft
Tooth Fairy Ideas that Make for a Magical Visit

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