Top Toys Over $25 for Three-Year-Olds

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Three is a BIG year! Toddlerhood is officially coming to an end and your little one is becoming a little kid. The good news is your three-year-old will be able to entertain themselves for longer periods of time than just a few months ago. They’ll make believe and go on fun adventures, which is so fun to experience.  For those of you with a three-year-old with a birthday coming up, we rounded up our top gift ideas over $25 that will encourage active and imaginative play.

1 |  Merax Mini Trampoline ($59.99)

If your three-year-old has endless energy to burn, a mini trampoline is a perfect gift. With a padded foam handrail and covered metal springs to help keep your bouncing toddler safe, this 36-inch trampoline is an ideal size for indoor use.

Mini Trampoline | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

2 |  Alex Toys Big Stack Cardboard Blocks ($44.99)

You can’t go wrong with a three-year-old and 40 giant cardboard blocks for endless creative play. But don’t let the fact these are made from cardboard deter you! These blocks are sturdy as they come, holding up to 120 pounds each. Your kiddo will be able to climb and sand on them while they build and play without any fear of collapse.

Big Stack Cardboard Blocks | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

3 |  Gonge Riverstones ($64.99)

Made from brightly colored and durable plastic, the Gonge Riverstones invite your child to balance and jump from top to top. This set includes six hilltops in two different heights, and each stone features a rubber edge on the bottom so there’s no risk of it slipping. Bonus that they’re hollow, so they easily stack for storage when not in use.

Gonge Riverstones | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

4 |  Monkey Bars Climbing Tower ($145)

Do you have a three-year-old that closely resembles a spider monkey and is constantly climbing anything and everything? Then this climbing tower was made for them. Made of quality plastic, this durable but lightweight climbing tower will give your kiddo hours of opportunity to monkey around outside. 

Monkey Bars Climbing Tower | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

5 |  Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Set ($119.99)

Each colorful tile has magnets along the edge and easily connect for endless building opportunities. Create cubes, pyramids, castles, and more. The 100 piece set is the perfect starter set and includes 50 small squares, 4 large squares, and over forty triangles of varying sizes. Parents agree that although Magna-Tiles are expensive, they are 100% worth the investment as they will be loved for years! 

Magna-Tiles | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

6 |  Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper ($36.95)

Stand, sit, rock, spin, and pop! The Teeter Popper is a concave board covered with silicone suction cups on the bottom, that pop, pop, pop as the board rocks. The Teeter Popper improves core strength, stability, balance, and coordination, so it’s ideal with an energetic three-year-old. 

Teeter Topper Toy | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

7 |  The Original Plasmacar ($69.96)

Totally kid-powered, all they need to do is simply prop their feet up on the footrests, turn the steering wheel and away they’ll go! Although the Plasmacar was designed for kids it’s actually fun for the whole family and will be loved (both indoors or outdoors) for years to come!

Original Plasmacar | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

8 | Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table ($119.99)

Give them a play space all their own to spend days building and creating. This all-purpose activity table is perfect for arts & crafts, dollhouses, train sets, blocks, puzzles, and more. It’s large enough for two kids to play and has a pull-out jumbo-sized drawer to store their toys out of sight. 

Wooden Activity Table | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

9 |  Melissa & Doug Dust, Sweep, & Mop Toy Set ($29.99)

Your three-year-old can finally help with chores around the house! This classic set includes a broom, mop, duster, dustpan and hand brush, all perfectly kid-sized.

Cleaning Set | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

10 |  American Girl Bitty Baby Doll ($60)

The quality you expect and love from the American Girl brand! The Bitty Baby doll is 15 inches tall and is available with six different hair, skin, and eye color combinations. It features eyes that open and close, a cuddly cloth body, and comes with a diaper, bodysuit, and a choice of an additional sleeper. The perfect first baby doll for any three-year-old. 

Bitty Baby Doll | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

11 |  Melissa & Doug Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter ($49.99)

You scream, I scream, we all scream for the Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter (or something like that…)! This 28-piece wooden ice cream play set includes a wooden ice cream counter, eight ice cream scoops, six toppings, two cones, one cup, scoop, tongs, wooden spoon, and six $1 bills – everything your child needs for an afternoon of sweet fun.

Ice Cream Counter | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

12 |  BeginAgain Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle ($34.99)

Help your three-year-old learn the names of animals and corresponding letters at the same time with this wooden animal parade puzzle. Each piece of this learning puzzle has a lowercase letter on one side and an uppercase on the other – all the way from alligator to zebra! It measures about 5 inches wide and almost two feet long, making it a great gift for any young puzzle enthusiast. 

Animal Parade Puzzle | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

13 Little Partners 2-Sided Art Easel ($149.99)

Calling all little Picasso’s! This two-sided art easel features a chalkboard, magnetic dry erase board and a drawing paper roll for any and every type of artistic masterpiece. Made from real wood, this easel has storage shelves and two large fabric bins to keep art supplies neat and in one place. Give the little artist in your family the gift of endless creativity! 

Art Easel | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

14 |  Bruder Mack Dump Truck ($74.95)

Whether dumping sand, gravel, dirt or toys, your child is sure to have hours of fun with this dump truck. Featuring real tread tires, folding mirrors, doors that open and close and a back gate that opens, this truck is almost as good as the real thing. It weighs a whopping 10 pounds, so you know it’s a sturdy truck built to last through even the toughest adventures.

Mack Dump Truck | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

15 |  Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench ($99.99)

If you have a little Bob the Builder in your house, this wooden project workbench will be a huge hit. The kid-sized workbench includes a hammer, saw, sawing board, wrench, screwdriver, vise, assorted hardware, and idea booklet. At 20 inches tall, the sturdy solid pine workbench is the perfect size for kids to comfortably stand and work. Can we fix it? Yes, we can!  

Wooden Workbench | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

16 |  Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store ($199.99)

Grocery shopping just got so much more fun for the kids with the Fresh Mart Grocery Store. This free-standing wooden grocery store includes a hand-cranked conveyor belt, beeping scanner, bagging area, card swipe machine, and cash drawer. Your three-year-old can pretend to be the cashier or the shopper, for hours of retail fun.  

Grocery Store | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

17 |  HAPE All Seasons Dollhouse ($130)

This three-story wooden dollhouse encourages imaginative play and creativity. It features two-sided roof panels, six rooms, and furnishings that can be re-arranged over and over again. (There’s also a mini version of this dollhouse this as well.) 

Wooden Dollhouse | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

18 |  Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set ($129.99)

Choo Choo! It’s full steam ahead with this wooden train set! This is the ultimate set for your train engineer and includes 100 track & support sections, a six-piece freight train, over thirty accessories. 

Wooden Deluxe Railway | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

19 |  Little Adventures Princess Dresses ($32.99)

Your little one will rule their kingdom in these adorable play dresses. This brand is a favorite because their dresses are comfortable and lightweight enough for all-day play (no itchy seams!), plus they’re machine washable. 

Princess Dress | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

20 |  Joovy Doll Toy Car Seat ($42.99)

Finally, a pint-sized car seat so stuffed animals and baby dolls can come along in the car! With a real five-point harness and a safety base that locks securely to your vehicle seat just like the real deal, no one has to be left at home due to a lack of safe transportation. Road trip, anyone? 

Toy Car Seat | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

21 |  Wildkin Original Nap Mat ($59.99)

Perfect for sleepovers at grandma’s house, living room campouts, and daycare snoozes, this nap mat comes in a variety of prints so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your three-year-old. It comes with a pillow insert and built-in blanket and pillowcase and features an easy roll-up design complete with fastening straps and an attached carrying handle. 

Wildkin Nap Mat | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

22 |  Tinkertoy 100-Piece Essential Kit ($39.99)

If your child loves to build, they’ll love Tinkertoys! The essentials set is a great place to start with a variety of spools, rods, flags, washers, and caps to create the thirteen models included in the instruction sheet (or let their imaginations run wild with their own designs). 

Tinkertoy Set | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

23 |  Lovelane Superhero Cape ($55)

Perfect for any little superhero, this cape comes in four different color combinations and is hand-printed with water-based, eco-friendly ink that will bring their make-believe adventures to life for years to come. You can even buy a matching tiara, crown, or winged hat.

Superhero Cape | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

24 |  Pillowfort Bed Canopy ($39.99)

Helping make bedrooms just a bit more magical, this bed canopy is sure to wow any three-year-old. Made of 100% cotton and available in multiple prints, it’s perfect for kids’ beds or a fun reading nook. 

Bed Canopy | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

25 | Air Fort Inflatable Fort ($54.95)

The fun of blanket forts without the mess! This inflatable fort blows up in 30 seconds using a basic box fan and is large enough for several kids and adults. Once everyone is done playing, simply pack it into its tiny package until next time! 

Air Fort | 25 Gifts for Three-Year-Olds

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Top Toys Over $25 for Three-Year-Olds

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