Shop Spotlight: Swoop Bags

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If there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that having kids goes hand in hand with having a lot of stuff. Keeping all of their toys, puzzles, and legos organized and off your living room floor can be a challenge and a daily chore. If you’re over the toy mess like we are then we’ve got a solution for you, the Swoop Bag!

Swoop Toy Storage Bags

The Swoop Toy Storage Bag is truly genius. Designed to make cleanup a breeze, every Swoop Bag opens flat to become a circular playmat. Your child can play with all their toys right there on their Swoop and then when they’re done, just pull the string and everything is picked up and ready for next time! Toys stay contained, organized, and off your floor. Which really means: no more rogue lego pieces to potentially be stepped on. These bags are almost too good to be true!

There are three different Swoop Bags. The Original Bags are made from 100% cotton canvas and the Super Bags and Mini Bags are made of durable, water-resistant fabric. The Original Bag and Super Bags are 44″ wide when opened (+ 6″ edge piece) so 4-5 kids can comfortably play. The Mini Bags are 16″ wide (+ 6″ edge piece) so they’re perfect for taking on the go.

Swoop Toy Storage Bags (Made in the USA)!

Made in the USA and based out of Seattle, Swoop Bags retail for $24 to $48. A percentage of every sale goes to support Operation Smile.

WHAT: Save 20% at SWOOP BAGS
HOW: Code THRIFTY20 at checkout
WHEN: Now through June 8th
OTHER INFO: Flat rate $6 shipping on US orders (WA state orders ship free)

Images via Swoop.

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Shop Spotlight: Swoop Bags

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