Shop Spotlight: Busy Toddler (Playing Preschool)

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Susie, a former teacher turned stay-at-home-mom, created her business Busy Toddler as a way to help others find simple, creative ways to keep little hands engaged, active, and learning. What started as an Instagram account in 2015 to show the quick & easy learning activities she was doing with her toddler has grown into a resource for thousands of parents with toddlers!

One year ago Susie created an at-home preschool program called Playing Preschool. Sounds fun, right? It is a 190-day program of hands-on (super-easy!), play-based learning with themed units to explore reading, math, science, art and more. The program is available as a 300+ page PDF eBook that can be viewed on your device or printed out.

Busy Toddler Playing Preschool

There are two Playing Preschool programs available for purchase, Year One and Year Two. The Year One Program is designed for children ages 2.5 – 5 years old and the Year Two Program is a continuation of the previous year to expand your child’s thinking even more. Each year has 19 thematic units and each unit is 2 weeks long, so it comes out to 190 days of learning. For each day you’ll be given an introduction, a read-aloud picked to fit the theme, things to talk about, a learning activity done by parent and child, and an easy activity for your child to do independently. It all takes less than 45 minutes and it’s affordable, with most materials already available in your home!

Busy Toddler Playing Preschool

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Playing Preschool both eBooks are $10 off, priced at just $29.90! 190 days of creative, hands-on preschool for only fifteen cents a day. Now that’s a good deal!

WHAT: Save $10 on Playing Preschool PDF eBooks
HOW: Shop HERE (priced as marked, no coupon code necessary)
WHEN: Now through August 5th

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Shop Spotlight: Busy Toddler (Playing Preschool)

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