If you’ve been following along for a while, you may know how much I love Saranoni Luxury Blankets! We’ve been using them in our home for years and I can truly say their blankets are heaven – so incredibly soft and cozy and very well made. The kids each have their own, and we have a couple throws to cuddle up with for family movie night. We’ve also given them as gifts to multiple family members!

Now through December 30th, you can use code THRIFTY20 to save 20% on your purchase at Saranoni.

Saranoni Toddler Blankets

Saranoni Blankets are the coziest, but my other favorite thing about them is they are available in multiple sizes for babies, kids, and adults. I remember being so sad when Mae outgrew her baby blanket (which was also the time we transitioned her out of her crib) and wishing she had a blanket as soft as her baby blanket to use in her toddler years. I was thrilled to discover Saranoni makes a Toddler Blanket just for this! And don’t overlook the Mini Blankets – they were designed to use as a lovey or to cover young babies in infant car seats, but my kids use them as doll blankets.

  • Mini Blankets (15″ x 20″): The perfect size to use as an infant car seat blanket (for younger infants), as a lovey, or as a doll blanket.
  • Receiving Blankets (30″ x 40″): Great size for babies and young toddlers. My kids used their receiving blankets until they were about three-years-old.
  • Toddler Blankets (40″ x 60″): Great size for toddlers to teens. Large enough for a twin size bed.

In addition to kids’ blankets, Saranoni also makes blankets for adults in multiple sizes and fabric options. They are the perfect gift for parents, in-laws, or friends.

Saranoni Toddler Blankets

Saranoni Blankets are also much more affordable than similar blankets on the market. Receiving Blankets start at just $39, Toddler Blankets start at $59, and Throw Blankets start at $69. Plus I’ve got a coupon code for you!

WHAT: Save 20% on your purchase to Saranoni Luxury Blankets
HOW: Use code THRIFTY20 to apply the discount
WHEN: Now through December 31st
OTHER INFO: Shipping is free over $100.

(Their stock is low on Toddler Blankets, but they have multiple Bamboni Toddler Blankets as well as Sherbet Lush Sakura Bloom, Feather Lush Triangles, Gray Lush Blush Star, Gray Lush Mint Star, and a few more.)

Fairy Wings Toddler Blanket
Gray Lush Toddler Blanket
Melon Gray Toddler Blanket

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