The Girls’ Playspace and Reading Nook Reveal!

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Mae started Kindergarten one week ago today! Can you believe it? On the first day of school, I had all of the bittersweet mama feelings but mostly was incredibly excited for her. There is nothing Mae loves more than making new friends and learning, so I had a feeling she was going to love it! And I’m happy to report so far, so good!

I wanted to surprise Mae with a little reading & playspace where she could unwind when she got home. Winnie and Ander are usually napping when she arrives home, so she can’t go into her bedroom for a few hours (Winnie and Mae share a room), so I decided to turn the space at the top of the stairs into a playspace where she could lounge after school! The kids already claim this space as their own since it has a mini closet they use for their costumes, so it worked great.

To create this playspace, I worked with Walmart using their kids’ furniture and decor products, and I could not be happier with how it turned out. Walmart’s kids’ decor is adorable, and I’ve been so impressed by the quality of the items in this space!

The piece of furniture I am most excited about is this Canvas Flip Chair. I wanted a chair where two of my kids could sit comfortably together because Mae loves to read to her younger siblings, and this chair has been perfect. Bonus that it’s multi-functional and can either be a chair or turned into a lounger by flipping the seat down.

Two other highlights from this space include this Polka Dot Area Rug and this Dollhouse Bookcase. I was thrilled to see the rug was available in a smaller size (ours is 5′ x 5′ square) since that’s the only size that would work in this space. And honestly, have you ever seen anything cuter than that bookcase? The girls love it, and it’s at such a great price point! For the end table, I used a stool from this Kids’ Table & Stool Set, and for pillows, we used this furry pillow and this cloud pillow.

I’m so thrilled about how this space came together! It makes me happy every time I see it and the kids have been loving it too. I’m super impressed with the quality of items from Walmart and I’m happy that everything is at an accessible price point too!

You can shop Walmart’s kids’ furniture and decor here, and you can find everything used in our playspace linked below.

Canvas Flip Chair
Polka Dot Area Rug
Dollhouse Bookcase
Star Neon Light
Flokati Decorative Pillow
Cloud Pillow
Kids Table & Stool Set
Geometric Elephant
Pastel Rainbow Blocks

The Girls\' Playspace and Reading Nook Reveal!


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