Prime Early Access Sale: Top Picks for Babies and Kids

All the BEST Amazon Early Access deals for babies and kids! Includes car seats, strollers, and baby gear, plus clothing and toys for babies and kids!

The Amazon Prime Early Access Sale officially kicked off this morning, and our team has been up since early this morning, hunting down the best deals for babies, kids, and families.

So what is the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale? It’s a two-day exclusive shopping event for Prime members to get a head start on their holiday shopping. It begins on Tuesday, October 11th, and runs through the 12th.

You need to be a Prime Member to shop the event, so sign up for a free trial now if you’re not already a member.

Below you will find a list of all the deals for kids and babies from Prime Early Access. We’ll also share our top picks during the event in our Instagram stories and our Facebook Deals Group.

Prime Early Access Top Picks

Prime Early Access Kids’ Deals

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Amazon Early Access Device Deals

Toys and Books

Clothing and Other Kids’ Deals

Prime Early Access Deals

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Car Seats and Strollers

Baby Gear, Clothing, and Maternity Deals

Diapers, Feeding, and Baby Care

Prime Early Access Family and Home Deals

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