Save $100 on Owlet Smart Sock 2 Field Test Unit

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For those of you who missed the very rare Owlet deal that I posted to Facebook a few weeks back, today I have another opportunity for you to get one for just $199.99! The Owlet retails for $299.99 so this is a savings of $100, which is a fantastic price on one of these monitors. So what is the Owlet and how do you get one for $199? Read on…

The Owlet Smart Sock is a baby monitor that tracks a baby’s heart rate and oxygen level while they sleep, and notifies caregivers if levels fall outside of a preset range. It connects to a Base Station that glows green if everything is OK but notifies with lights and sounds if something appears to be wrong. It also connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth so caregivers can receive notifications and see real-time heart rate and oxygen levels.

Now for the deal. Owlet is making a change to the Smart Sock 2 that will improve the customer experience and they need feedback from customers on the new device. While supplies last, you can buy a Smart Sock 2 Field Test Unit for just $199.99 if you agree to use the Smart Sock immediately (within one week), complete two surveys sent via email, and agree to the full terms and conditions (see them here.)

The Smart Sock Field Test Unit is new, has all the benefits of the Smart Sock 2, and has already gone through thorough testing before this final feedback stage. It is also covered by a 1-year warranty, just like the regular Smart Sock 2.

You can read all about the Smart Sock 2 Field Test Unit and grab the deal here. There is a very limited quantity of these units available, so act fast if interested.

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