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Meet Belle, Toutou, and Pearl, the newest arrivals from Blabla! (You know I just can’t resist letting you guys know about the newest Blabla releases, right?)

Bla Bla Dog Dolls

I am so happy that Blabla has finally added some new dogs to the knit doll collection, especially ones this cute. I may even say that these are my new favorites by Blabla – I just love those floppy ears and their adorable outfits.

Blabla Knit Dog Dolls

The newest dog dolls were just released last week and come in two sizes – mini (12″) for $44 and regular (18″) for $56. As with all knit Blabla dolls, they are fair-trade and hand-crafted by artisans in Peru. They’re made from 100% cotton and are the highest quality. And, in my opinion, well worth the investment!