My Favorite Purchases of 2019

Before I dive into content for the new year, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite purchases of 2019! A few things for the home, for me, and the kids…

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1 | I know I’ve shared this on here before (probably more than once), but this Mama sweatshirt has been my most worn item this year. Perfect with jeans or leggings and sneakers!

2 | My kids long outgrew their baby towels, and this year I finally upgraded them to these big kid hooded towels. These are huge and so cozy! (Save 20% with code JAN20 at Albee Baby.)

3 | I recently bought a few sets of these flip-top containers, and I have been using them to organize all of the kids’ toys. They come in two sizes – I use the small ones for crayons, markers, and small toy sets and the large ones for larger toy sets.

4 | These Pehr canvas bins are also a must-have. I’ve been using them in the kids’ room for years, but this year I put a medium bin at the base of the stairs on our main floor. Throughout the day, I toss all the kids’ belongings I find around the house into it, and then when it’s bedtime, we take it upstairs and put everything away in their rooms.

5 | I will never stop sharing this shapes puzzle with you guys because it was a random discovery on Amazon a few months ago, and all of my kids (3, 4, 7) love it. It’s also been the #1 recommended item sold through my blog & Instagram this year! We use ours for restaurants and on-the-go entertainment.

6 | I finally took the plunge and bought a Soda Stream on Prime Day and it is love! I was drinking La Croix by the case but hated the expense and all the cans I was going through each week. Soda Stream water is all I drink now (I love it ice cold in a stainless tumbler)! And replacing the CO2 cylinder is easy – I take my used canister to Target and trade it in for a new one at half off.

7 | The absolute cutest kids’ pajamas from Amazon and under $20! They’re gender-neutral, come in tons of colors, and are soft.

8 | I don’t even know what I would do without my Tile Mate. It’s helped me track down my missing keys so many times when I’m trying to get out the door, including when my toddler hides them in weird places.

9 | My kids love these silky crayons! The color and saturation are much bolder than regular crayons, and they’re so fun to use.

10 | If you’re a hot coffee or tea drinker and haven’t splurged on a YETI rambler mug for yourself, you must do it! They keep your drink HOT and are dishwasher safe.

11 | Of all the puzzles we’ve tried over the years, Mudpuppy Puzzles are hands-down my favorite for every age group! We start with the Puzzle Pairs, then move onto the Pouch Puzzles, and finally, the Jumbo Puzzles. And for kids over 5, I also love their Geography Puzzles! Mae’s been enjoying the U.S.A. puzzle – the states are each their own shape.

12 | My youngest two have both gone through phases this year where they’ve been obsessed with these Poke-a-Dot books. These books have buttons to press and “pop” on every page – it entertains them for hours!

13 | I’m sure this is great for the pantry too, but I use this lazy susan to organize my hair and skin products in my bathroom cupboard, and I love it because I can see and access all of my products at once. I’m planning to get one for under the sink in our kitchen to organize that space next.

14 | I included these in my stocking stuffers guide, but these Plus Plus Building Toys deserve another shout-out because they are so fun! (They have big ones for younger kids but even my 3- and 4-year-olds like sticking the smaller ones together.)

15 | Our entire family is obsessed with the Carhartt beanies! Super warm and cozy, and just $8.99 for kids and $14.99 for adults. Also available through Carhartt.

16 | I might sound like a broken record, but I really have loved my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Brush. It’s so much easier and faster than using a round brush and hairdryer, and it’s great post-workout when you need a quick touch-up. I’m so happy I finally believed the hype and bought this thing!

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My Favorite Purchases of 2019

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