Mighty Kind: A Magazine for Kids

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We love Kickstarter and helping young businesses get a jump start – especially when those companies are as fantastic and impactful as Mighty Kind. Mighty Kind is a quarterly kids magazine empowering a global community of kids who care. They aim to encourage kids to grow into the kind of people who see differences as opportunities. Cool, right?!

What is Mighty Kind?

Mighty Kind is a quarterly kids’ publication geared towards readers ages 5-11 and those that support them. It celebrates world cultures, shares big ideas, and works toward making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

Each issue is centered around a theme and is full of illustrated stories, engaging activities, fun facts, and actionable service ideas to inspire and empower kids. There is even a section providing parents and other caregivers with tools to support kids in developing empathy and cultural awareness. The pages are colorful and it has beautiful illustrations, and it is made with keepsake-durability in mind.

The theme of Mighty Kind Issue 1 is Greetings. It has a guide to greeting friends around the globe, the game of telephone, the history of the handshake, how animals greet in the wild, and how to make your own greeting cards, complete with a list of organizations around that accept and distribute hand-made cards to those who may need a little cheer. There is also a section on Mexico, with a look into the traditions and way of life and notes from a penpal. And so much more!

How to Support Mighty Kind (and Get Your Own Issue)

Issue 1 of the Mighty Kind magazine is complete and ready to go! Your Kickstarter contribution will fund the first print run and get the magazine out into the world. Beyond issue 1, your support will also go toward developing and producing issue 2 and beyond.

To back this project, visit the Mighty Kind Kickstarter Page. Pledges with rewards start at $19, or you can pledge any amount without a reward. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by September 2, 2019. So don’t walk, RUN over to Kickstarter and help Mighty Kind Magazine get off the ground and into your kids’ hands.

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