Save 30% on MagnaTiles Magnetic Blocks!

Right now at Target, multiple sets of MagnaTiles Magnetic Blocks are on sale for 30% off. This sale includes the 74-Piece Classic Set, the 37-Piece Classic Set, the Metropolis 110-Piece Set, and the Eric Carle Collection. Select other sets are 15% off. I don’t have an end date for this sale, so shop soon – deals on MagnaTiles are rare!

We have multiple sets of MagnaTiles, and they are one of our most used toys. We got our first set years ago and have been adding to our collection ever since. One of the best things about MagnaTiles is they are appealing to kids of all ages – from toddlers to big kids. Even my husband and I have fun building with our kids. Plus, they are indestructible.

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Why are MagnaTiles So Expensive?

I often get asked why MagnaTiles are more expensive than comparable magnetic tiles (e.g., PicassoTiles). The most significant difference is the construction – MagnaTiles are held together by stainless steel rivets that make them extremely durable. Most other magnetic tiles have glued seams, which are not as durable under impact and over time.

Since magnets can be dangerous if swallowed, MagnaTiles may be worth the steeper price if you are getting them for a younger child or if you have babies or toddlers in your home.

Magna-Tiles are also made with food-grade ABS plastic that does not contain BPA, phthalates, or latex.

What’s a Good Price for MagnaTiles?

When paying full price, MagnaTiles are between $1.20 and $1.50 per tile, depending on the set you purchase. The cost per tile is cheaper for larger sets than smaller sets. For example, for the classic 100-piece set, you’ll be paying $1.20 per tile, and for the classic 32-piece set, you’ll be paying $1.50 per tile.

In general, a good sale price on MagnaTiles is anything less than $1.00 per tile. If you can pay closer to $0.90 per tile, jump on that sale because it’s an excellent price!

When do MagnaTiles Go On Sale?

As I stated above, MagnaTiles rarely go on sale. They occasionally pop up on Zulily, and you can typically get a good price on them at Target during the holiday shopping season. I always recommend buying them during the Buy More Save More toy sale or the 25% Off One Toy Circle offer.

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