Lugabug, the Travel Seat for Kids (+ a giveaway!)

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Who else gets mild anxiety traveling with kids? Because I sure do! Between getting us all packed and to the airport, through security and to the gate, and then surviving the actual dreaded flight (I don’t think I ever ordered an adult beverage on a plane until I had children!), it’s honestly one of my least favorite things as a parent. So anything that’s going to make my life a little easier during the process is welcome news to me. And guys, the Lugabug is just that.

The Lugabug is a portable travel seat that turns your rolling suitcase into a ride-on suitcase for your kids. It’s so brilliantly simple, and will make your experience traveling with kids a lot easier.

Lugabug Travel Seat for Kids!

The Lugabug attaches easily in seconds, so then you can pull your child along with you through the airport, train station, or bus depot. You’ll be able to move quicker, not have to chase a wandering toddler through crowds, plus you’ll have a free hand to enjoy your coffee! When you arrive at your gate, the Lugabug closes flat giving you the option to leave it attached to your luggage or to store it inside. Once at your destination, the Lugabug can also be used as a stand-alone chair for your little one (not attached to luggage) while you’re waiting for a taxi!

The Lugabug is very well designed (even my super-nerdy engineering husband was into it). It’s made from heavy nylon and mesh. It’s lightweight (18 oz), compact (13″ x 13″), and flexible so it’s easy to store. It has adjustable straps to fit most suitcases, plus the seat straps adjust to any angle for your child’s comfort. Recommended for children 2 years with a weight limit of 60 lbs.

Lugabug Portable Travel Seat for Kids

The Lugabug is now available for purchase from Amazon and is Prime eligible! For a limited time take 10% off your order through Amazon or Lugabug with code LBPRIM16.

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Plus, enter to win one of your own below!

Win it! Lugabug Travel Seat for Kids!

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