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Whenever I am asked about my favorite board books, one of the first to come to mind is Alphablock (and more recently Countablock). These clever, interactive board books are the perfect way to introduce your children to letters and numbers. Written by Brooklyn-based children’s author Christopher Franceschelli and illustrated by British husband and wife duo Peskimo, these books feature colorful, retro illustrations that are sure to delight!

The first book in the series is Alphablock, released in 2013. It features thick pages cut into the shape of each letter in the alphabet. Children peek through the letter to guess the word and illustration associated with each letter, which are incredibly clever. Cherries and sprinkles hint at ice cream, a music stands hints at a violin, and a hand hints at an x-ray.

Images via Abrams Books

The next in the series is Countablock, which was released just last year. We don’t own this one yet, but I have a feeling the Easter Bunny will be bringing it to our house! It’s similar in style to Alphablock, with each number creating a peek-through guessing game of transformations (includes numerals 1-10 and then 20-100 by tens). “One acorn becomes…one oak tree” and “Two snowmen become…two puddles” and my personal favorite “Forty eggs become…39 chicks and one dinosaur!”

Both of these books will make a welcome addition to your child’s library and they’d also make an amazing birthday gift! They can be purchased through their publisher Abrams Books or through Amazon.