You Can Now Rent the SNOO Bassinet!

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Hooray, parents can now rent the SNOO Smart Sleeper! The SNOO hit the market in late 2016 and since then has been one of the most discussed (and raved about!) baby products, but most parents just can’t do the hefty $1,295 price tag. So it was welcome news when it was announced earlier this week that the SNOO is now available for rent for a little more than the price of a daily latte. This makes it an option for more families and is a great way to try one without the commitment.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

What is the SNOO Smart Sleeper?

The SNOO is the world’s first smart sleeper that was created by Dr. Harvey Karp, the doctor behind The Happiest Baby books. It is a responsive bassinet that boosts baby’s sleep using calming rhythms and also prevents baby from rolling so they will stay safely on their back. The SNOO creates a unique womb-like rocking and white noise, and when it “hears” baby’s cries it will automatically boost the sound & motion, just like a caregiver. Also, the SNOO sack securely attaches to the bassinet to keep baby on their back while they sleep. Per the Happiest Baby website, the SNOO adds 1+ hours of sleep per night!

Included is a mobile app with adjustable settings for motion, sound, and cry sensitivity, including a gentle preemie/newborn mode. It has a mobile alert that tells parents when your baby is not calming, due to hunger or discomfort, and it has a weaning setting that prepares your baby to be transitioned to the crib.

How Does the SNOO Rental Work?

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is available to rent for $4.90 per day (around $147 per month) and you can cancel anytime. Here’s how it works.

  1. Place your order. You can place your order anytime and choose a date in the future when you want your SNOO to ship. At the time of your order, you will be charged the rental fee for the first month (plus tax) and a $175 refundable security deposit.
  2. Pay as you go. After your SNOO ships, your card is automatically charged monthly for the month ahead. Yes, you can cancel anytime, although a 1-month minimum rental is required.
  3. Return for free. When you are done using the SNOO, package it up in the original box with inserts and ship it back for free. Unused days in your final month will be refunded back to you (the rental ends the day your SNOO is picked up).

Once returned, each SNOO is put through a 5-step process before certifying it is ready for a new family. It comes with 3 brand new, organic cotton sleep sacks (1 small + 1 medium + 1 large) plus a new mattress, waterproof mattress cover and organic cotton fitted sheet.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

Introductory Deal

And of course, I can’t resist sharing a good deal! Now through January 31st, you can rent the SNOO Smart Sleeper for just $3.50/day for the first month (reg $4.90/day) plus tax. Don’t worry, if you don’t need your SNOO before the end of this month you can order now with the special introductory pricing and delay delivery.

If you’d rather, the option to buy your own SNOO Smart Sleeper for $1295 is still available.

Images via Happiest Baby.

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