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Hooray, it’s Friday! And Easter weekend! And on top of that it’s sunny here in Seattle! All these things are making my heart so happy today. We’re thinking of heading to the tulip festival tomorrow and then Sunday we’re doing an Easter brunch with friends. We’ll obviously have to sneak in an egg hunt somewhere too! Tonight, I’ll just be relaxing at home indulging in Netflix and ice cream. But first, I wanted to share some of my current favorites with you guys!

Today’s picks are just for the mamas. The change in weather has me itching to shop and this time for myself! This year I made it a priority to spend more energy on my wardrobe since I was slacking quite a bit last year after having Winnie.

Caytlin Chilelli Wallpaper Download

1 |  This knit tee by Lush has become my go-to tee during the week. Love it so much I bought it in four colors, which is super rare for me! I’ve been pairing it with these Treasure&Bond jeans (which I just noticed are 40% off!) and of course the huarache sandals I included in my last favorites post.

2 |  This crochet top by Ro & De is my current pick for when I want something a little nicer than a tee for going out with the family or for a super rare date night. It’ll be the perfect top to transition from spring to summer.

3 |  This classic maxi dress, which is 25% off right now. I had a striped one last year and will be ordering it in black this year. I’m also obsessed with this striped one! Just gotta figure out the whole bra situation with that one.

4 |  L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo & Conditioner. It seems a little ridiculous to include shampoo & conditioner in my list (boring!), but I was introduced to these by a friend a month or so ago and I love them! Like love them. They make my hair super soft, less greasy, and you can’t beat the price!

5 |  The Dress Your Tech downloads from Design Love Fest. It makes me happy to have a cute wallpaper on my computer and iPhone and I’m always switching mine out using the ones on her site. Just downloaded a floral one for spring!

Happy weekend! Hope you all enjoy the holiday!

Oh! And if you’re shopping this weekend Nordstrom has Triple Points for cardholders though Saturday, Nordstrom Rack has Clear the Rack (extra 25% off clearance) through Sunday, and ASOS is having Shop More Save More ($30 off $150, $50 off $200, $70 off $250) through Tuesday.

Feature image by Caytlyn Chilelli for Design Love Fest for Dress Your Tech.