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The Freshly Picked Semi-Annual Sale kicks off today at 9 am PST! This sale only happens twice a year and I look forward to it for months because the deals are truly incredible. Freshly Picked always goes all-in on this one!

Even though this sale is already a great time to shop Freshly Picked, I have a deal to make this sale even sweeter for you! If you join Freshly Picked’s membership program, The Fringe, you’ll be able to take an additional 20% off the already discounted sale prices! Even better? If you sign up with my exclusive coupon code below your first month will be just $5, plus you’ll still get the $10 credit to use towards the sale (so you’re essentially getting $5 for free).

I promise you it’s as good as it sounds! Read on…

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For those of you who haven’t heard about The Fringe, or maybe you’ve heard of it but don’t believe it’s as good as it sounds (it is!), here are the details: for just $10 a month, you get 20% off everything on the Freshly Picked website. But here is the great thing about that membership cost – the $10 you pay goes right into your FP Fringe account to be used towards your next shop purchase. Yes, you can save up monthly credits and yes, you can use multiple credits in one transaction. Think of it more like a savings account, not like a subscription account. Other benefits include free shipping on all orders (U.S. and Canada) and VIP early access to select releases and sales.

And one other very important detail: you can cancel your membership to The Fringe at any time with no hurt feelings. Seriously it’s an incredible deal. I’ve been a member for close to two years!


The Fringe is already an excellent deal, but I’m going to make it even better! Use code FPxThrifty5 and you’ll not only get the first month for just $5, but you’ll still get the $10 credit in your account to use during this sale (or any other future purchase)!

TIP: To shop the sale with your additional 20% off benefit, you’ll need to sign up for The Fringe and complete checkout first (your cart total will be $5) and then go back in and shop the sale with the extra 20% off (and your $10 credit)!


WHAT: Get your first month for $5 when you join The Fringe from Freshly Picked
HOW: Use code FPxThrifty5 (you’ll get $10 store credit when you sign up and checkout)
WHEN: Now through May 26th
THER INFO: The Semi-Annual Sale starts today (May 18th) at 9 am PST

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