Top Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

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Four is such a fun age for play! Children at this age are very imaginative and love make-believe play. It’s such a wonderful thing when they start playing on their own for longer periods of time. They are also very active and love challenging their body with tumbling and rolling. And of course, they love doing anything you do!

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1 |  Green Toys Bake by Shape Set ($19.99)

Kids at this age love to help in the kitchen, and you can teach them to bake with this set featuring uniquely shaped measuring spoons. It comes with easy-to-follow recipes that use the shapes (as well as conventional measurements) to measure out ingredients.

Bake By Shape | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

2 |  Alex Toys Monkey Balance Board ($14.69)

Your little one can practice their balance and coordination with this wooden balance board. This is a toy they’ll likely enjoy for years too!

Monkey Balance Board | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

3 |  Musical Jewelry Box with Princess ($12.95)

This simple jewelry box is the perfect size for children to store their favorite jewelry and other keepsakes. 

Musical Jewelry Box | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

4 |  Ergobaby Toy Doll Carrier ($25)

This doll carrier from Ergobaby is a shrunken down version of their baby carrier so your baby can wear their baby!

Ergobaby Doll Carrier | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

5 |  Kinetic Sand ($14.99)

Kinetic Sand is great to have around for a rainy day activity. It feels and molds like real beach sand but it never dries out and is much (much!) easier to clean up. 

Kinetic Sand | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

6 |  Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper ($14.95)

This pogo jumper squeaks with every jump! It’s sized for young kids but also supports adults up to 250 pounds so you can get in on the fun too.

Pogo Jumper | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

7 |  Petit Collage Tin Canister Jigsaw Puzzle ($14.95)

I include a puzzle in every round up because they really are the best gifts! This 64-piece one comes in a tin caster. It makes storage easy but I also love it because there’s a slot in the lid that makes clean up a little more fun (kids can fit in the puzzle pieces as they go). It can also later be turned into a coin bank. 

Petit Collage Puzzle & Bank | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

8 |  Brain Quest Preschool ($11.95)

Brain Quest is a question-and-answer game that is both challenging and fun! They’re great for on-the-go entertainment and a good way to engage with your child. 

Brain Quest Preschool | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

9 |  DUKTIG Cash Register ($16.99)

This cash register has a fully functional calculator so your child can ring up their customers. Plus it’s solar powered so no need to worry about batteries. 

Cash Register | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

10 |  Great Pretenders Color-a-Cape ($23.99)

Choose a princess, fairy, superhero, or rocket man cape. Each one comes with eight markers so your child can make it their own.

11 |  Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! ($24.95)

This gears set is a great introduction to the world of STEM. This set contains 100 pieces that snap together in a variety of ways. Children can use the activity guide to lead the way or create something of their own. 

Toy Gears Set | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

12 |  B. Toys Beauty Pops Snap Toy Beads ($13.50)

Make a variety of necklaces and bracelets by snapping together the funky beads, then take them apart and start over again. 

Beauty Pops Snap Beads | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

13 |  Petit Collage Magnetic Dress-up ($24)

This set from Petit Collage takes paper dolls to the next level! It has two large magnetic dolls and over 59 magnetic clothes and accessories pieces all packed in a handy storage box with magnetic closure. Choose from Best Friends, Fairy Tales, or Superheroes themes. 

petit collage magnetic | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

14 |  Learning Resources Primary Science Lab ($25)

This introductory lab is fun for a budding scientist. It includes a beaker, magnifying glass, goggles, funnel, test tubes, and ten activity cards with easy-to-do experiments. 

Primary Science Lab Set | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

15 |  My First Daily Magnetic Calendars ($19.95)

An adorable calendar that teaches kids to learn dates, weather, seasons, and to label their emotions. Has a thick magnetic back to attach to a metal surface.

16 |  It’s a Busload of Pigeon Books! ($24.99)

The Mo Willems Pigeon series is one of our favorites! This set includes three smaller (6×6) hardcover books making it the perfect gift. 

It's a Busload of Pigeon Books! | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

17 |  Zingo! Bingo with a Zing ($19.99)

Zingo is similar to Bingo, except it’s a matching game for pre-readers and early readers. The Zinger dispenses tiles as players race to be the first one with a full card. 

Zingo | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

18 |  LEGO Classic Bricks and Gears ($19.99)

This introductory Lego set that includes bricks, gears, and axels for creating simple models. Includes an idea booklet with varying degrees of building complexity. 

LEGO Classic| 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

19 |  Hopper Ball with Handle ($15.99)

A giant bouncy ball provides hours of entertainment while your little one gets their wiggles out! 

Hopper Ball with Handle | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

20 | Melissa & Doug Add & Subtract Abacus ($19.99)

This abacus has two interchangeable double-sided wooden boards that give kids lots of ways to explore numbers, colors, and patterns and introduces them to basic math skills. 

Add & Subtract Abacus | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

21 |  Smartgames Little Red Riding Hood ($24.99)

An enchanting puzzle game for young children. Help Little Red Riding Hood get to Grandma’s house by arranging the puzzle pieces on the board in a direct path. Includes a booklet with 48 challenges.

Little Red Riding Hood Game | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

22 |  The Original Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow ($15)

Run, jump, and stomp to launch these rockets up to 100 feet in the air. The rockets are glow-in-the-dark, so it’s extra fun at night! 

23 | Crayola Sidewalk Chalk ($14.99)

All kids love sidewalk chalk, and this is the ultimate set with 64 colors including 8 special effect chalk colors. .

Sidewalk Chalk | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

24 |  Brownstone Dollhouse Family ($19)

This adorable modern dollhouse family includes a grandma, mom, dad, brother, two sisters, and three pets. 


Brownstone Dollhouse Family | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

25 |  Boogie Board Scribble n Play ($24.98)

The Boogie Board is an innovative doodle pad that lets children doodle, draw, write, and then erase with the push of a button. Entertaining while at home but also great on-the-go!

Boogie Board Scribble n Play | 25 Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

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Top Toys Under $25 for Four-Year-Olds

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