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Well, I’m officially in the final weeks of my pregnancy!! I can hardly believe it. I have so many things to finish up in the coming weeks but I’m also trying to slow down and enjoy these last few weeks hangin’ with Mae. Also, sleeeeeeep. Yes, sleeping while pregnant isn’t the best but it sure beats the quality of sleep you get with a newborn so I’ll take it!

I was pretty terrible at documenting my pregnancy this time around! I was much better with Mae, but the weeks just seemed to pass so quickly. I really wish I’d done more, but at least I got some maternity photos done to make me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

To help you guys do a better job than I did, I rounded up some of my favorite ways to document your pregnancy and growing belly. It’s such a fun time and you’ll never regret having some photos to document the whole process! The best part? None of these require much creativity or crafting on your end, which makes them just my kind of thing. Enjoy!

1 | Pregnancy Belly Stickers from Lucy Darling

It’s no secret I love everything Lucy Darling creates – I already have a small collection of her products for baby girl. These belly stickers are another one of my favorites from her shop and they come in a variety of prints. The fruit are definitely my favorite!

Pregnancy Belly Stickers | Five Sweet Ways to Document Your Pregnancy


2 | Weekly Bump Banner from Hooray Everyday

This banner from Hooray Everyday is absolutely the sweetest (as is her whole shop)! The Weekly Bump Banner kit includes interchangeable numbers, six customizable pom-poms, and a muslin bag for storage. Use the banner to document your growing belly or your progress as you prepare for your baby! And then after baby comes, use it to document the weekly or monthly growth of your baby! (Image via 3 Ladies and Their Gent)

Weekly Bump Banner | Five Sweet Ways to Document Your Pregnancy


3 | Pregnancy Chalk Countdown Pack from Caravan Shoppe

Perfect for those of us who don’t have the talent to create our own chalkboard art to document our pregnancy (raise your hand if this is you too)! And like everything from the Caravan Shoppe, you’ll receive your documents as a a digital file that you can take to be printed at any local print shop for super cheap. The Pregnancy Chalk Countdown Pack includes a countdown calendar, gender announcement, & more!

Pregnancy Chalk Countdown Pack | Five Sweet Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

4 | The Maternity Countdown Tee from The Countdown Shop

Tell me this isn’t just the cutest! I kind of want to use this one the next time around (that is, if there’s a next time around). Document that growing belly week-by-week with this darling Maternity Countdown Tee. Fabric marker included, so you’ll be all set to go!

Maternity Countdown Tee | Five Sweet Ways to Document Your Pregnancy


5 | Bump & Baby Milestone Wooden Blocks from Bannor Toys

I love these blocks from Bannor Toys because they work for your pregnancy and also for your baby’s first year too! One side of the blocks has “weeks” and the other side has “months” as well as blocks to create any combination of numbers too. Another one you can use to document your growing belly or to document your progress as you prepare for baby.  (Image via Blessed Nest Blog Instagram.) 

Baby Bump Milestone | Five Sweet Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

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