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We all know how challenging bedtime with little ones can be – the stalling, the complaining, the negotiations. Mae is always developing a new tactic to put off bedtime just a few more minutes. Her latest move might be one of my favorites. She has figured out just how much we want her to eat fruits and vegetables, so she’s been calling me into her room a few minutes after we put her to bed to ask me if she can come out for an apple…or an orange…or a banana, complete with the sweetest smile. She’s a sneaky one, that girl. (For the record, I usually have a hard time saying “no” to this request so she usually wins.)

Seattle mama of three Sara Crow knows the struggle of getting kids to go to bed at night. One evening while trying to talk her sons into changing out of their superhero costumes and into bed, she told them “even superheroes have to sleep.” That comment ended up becoming the inspiration of her clever new children’s book titled the same.

Even Superheroes Have to Sleep


Even Superheroes Have to Sleep stars a variety of characters our children love that all have to sleep after conquering their adventure-filled days. Children learn that even superheroes, astronauts, princesses, scientists, pirates, cowboys, construction workers, & doctors have to put on their pajamas and go to bed each night. And after reading this book, hopefully they will be a little more willing to do the same!

The book features modern, colorful illustrations by talented Illustrator Adam Record. In addition to being the perfect bedtime story, Even Superheroes Have to Sleep is a rhyming book, which is very beneficial to kids. They increase phonetic ability, improve memorization skills, and help children explore the sounds that make up words.

Even Superheroes Have to Sleep


Even Superheroes Have to Sleep is currently on Kickstarter, an incredible platform for creative entrepreneurs to raise the funds needed to launch their projects. It’s even a Kickstarter Staff Pick and today, they’re the featured Publishing Project of the Day! The book’s author Sara has three more weeks to reach her $12,500 goal that’s needed to print the initial run of books. To help reach this goal, she’s offering an exclusive Kickstarter discount to get the $45 Kickstarter reward for just $25! That means that after the book is printed, you’ll get two signed & personalized first-edition copies instead of just one so you can gift one to a friend (or keep ’em both, I won’t judge). Plus you’ll be helping make this project possible and publishing this book a reality for Sara.

To take advantage of the deal:
1.  Visit the Even Superheroes Have to Sleep Kickstarter page between now and Sunday.
2.  Purchase the $25 pledge for a signed first edition copy of the book.
3.  After purchase, go back to the project page and message Sara the word THRIFTY by clicking on “contact me” – she’ll be sure to send you two signed & personalized copies of the book instead of one after the project launches.


Even Superheroes Have to Sleep

In addition to the discount, we’re giving away a first-edition copy of Even Superheroes Have to Sleep (to be printed this summer) to five lucky winners. Entering is super easy, just follow the instructions below!

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If you’ve never funded a Kickstarter campaign, a few things to know. You won’t be charged for your pledge until the project reaches it’s goal (if a project doesn’t reach it’s goal, which I don’t think will be a problem with this one, you won’t be charged a thing). For this project, books won’t be printed and mailed until this summer, after the Kickstarter project has finished and the first run of books has enough funding to be printed.