The Cutest Pool Floats for Kids

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Pool floats seem to be all the rage these days, and for good reason. There are so many fun options out there! Since we’re hoping to get in a handful of days at the beach this season and I’ve been on the hunt for some pool floats for my kids, I thought it’d be fun to do a round-up of the cutest ones out there. Some of these are specifically for babies and other ones will be fun for both older kids and adults.

That giant rubber ducky might just be my favorite.


The Cutest Pool Floats for Kids | Thrifty Littles Blog

1 |  Baby Boat Pool Float with Canopy ($18)
2 |  Giant Ring Toss Pool Float ($38)
3 |  Puppy Pool Ride-On ($11)
4 |  Whale Baby Float ($11)
5 |  T-Rex Giant Pool Float ($50)
6 |  Tootsie Roll Noodle Float and Smarties Noodle Float ($17)
7 |  3-Piece Inflatable Ice Cream Cones ($8)
8 |  Giant Funky Flower Pool Float ($30)
9 |  Giant Popcorn Pool Float ($33)
10 |  Really Big Inflatable Duck Pool Float ($62) (more affordable one here)
11 |  Large Pineapple Pool Float ($25)
12 |  Fish and Friends Baby Pool Float ($12)
13 |  Pretzel Pool Float ($20) (dipped in chocolate here)
14 |  Popsicle Pool Float ($40)
15 |  Ice Cream Dream Float ($25)
16 |  Donut Pool Float ($40)
17 |  Baby Flamingo Pool Float ($30) (also a swan here)

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