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This may be one of my favorite discoveries yet, and just in time for summer. Food trucks for kids! Oh yes it’s true! Made from cardboard, totally affordable, and oh-so-cute. I can just imagine Mae serving ice cream to her friends (and of course her mama!) from that insanely adorable ice cream truck. In fact, I think it’d be so fun to take her down to the beach on a warm day with a giant box of otter pops and let her go to town handing them out to all the kids.

Famous OTO Food Trucks for Kids


These super clever food trucks are by Famous OTO based out of Brooklyn, New York. They have awesomely detailed illustrations and a shop window on the side that opens up so the little ones can serve their customers. You can even customize them with a personalized license plate you can design for free on their website! They’re easy to assemble and easy to stow away, so you can pack them away to save on space when they’re not being used.

Famous OTO Food Trucks for Kids


Famous OTO food trucks are made from non-toxic, food grade material right here in the USA. Plus they’re recycle and biodegradable. They’re priced at $59 and can be purchased directly through the Famous OTO website.

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