The Best Face Masks for Young Kids

With kids heading back to school, parents are on the hunt for the best face mask for their kids. The CDC currently recommends that children over two wear a mask in public when they can not adequately socially distance, and most daycares and schools require face masks, making it a daily routine for many kids.

It can be a challenge to get kids (particularly younger kids) to wear a mask, but spending some time finding a comfortable, breathable mask in a print your child loves is a big help. Also, I’ve found being low-key about wearing a face mask and explaining that we’re helping keep others healthy by wearing one has helped immensely with my kids.

Since this question of kids’ face masks has come up frequently in the TL Facebook Group, I decided to crowd-source from there and Instagram to get YOUR recommendations for face masks your kids like best.

Below are kids’ face masks that were recommended most for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and young kids.

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Face Masks for Young Kids

Kids Disposable Face Masks

These disposable face masks come individually wrapped, making them an excellent option for your child to keep in their backpack a backup in the car. They are small enough for young kids, have three layers, and an adjustable metal wire along the top for a secure fit on the nose.

$29.99 for 50 masks.

Crayola School Maskpack

The Crayola masks are the ultimate back-to-school masks! Each set includes five different colors (one for each day of school), and each mask has a name tag. Other features include adjustable ear straps and a nose clip, plus the set comes with a mesh laundry bag.

$29.99 for a five-pack.

Rafi Nova Kids Smile Mask

Designed by a Speech-Language Pathologist for the hard of hearing community, the “Smile” mask lets your child’s smile be seen even when wearing their mask! It’s also an excellent option for children in speech therapy. Choose between ear loops or tie-behind straps. (It might be worth buying their anti-fog spray too.)

$12 each.

Rafi Nova Little Kids SuperFit Masks

Another option from Rafi Nova, the performance mask is made from 3 layers of breathable material, including one anti-bacterial layer. They have a unique adjustment toggle on the side and an adjustable nose bridge for a secure fit.

$22 for a 2-pack.

Carters Kids’ Face Mask

One of the most affordable options and it gets rave reviews! The Carters masks are made from double-layer cotton poplin with ear loop straps and pleats that make it adjustable.

$4 for 3-pack.

Joah Love Kids’ Face Masks

These masks are one of the pricier options, but if your child is wearing a mask all day, they may be worth the splurge. They are made from the softest cotton, and they have unique adjustable ear straps that are easy for kids to use to create a snug fit.

Plus, they are available in a classic style or an infinity style (picture below), so your child can remove the mask without risk of losing it!

$20 each.

Vista Print Kids’ Face Masks

Vista Print masks are made with materials that wick away moisture, so they are comfortable all day long. They also have adjustable ear straps for a snug fit and come in various fun prints so your little one can show off their personality. You can even design your mask!

$13 each.

Old Navy Cloth Kids’ Face Masks

Another affordable option on the list, the five-pack of masks from Old Navy comes in a large variety of prints. These do run small and shrink with washing, so a good option for younger kids.

$12.50 for a five-pack.

Old Navy Critter Face Masks

If your child needs a little extra encouragement to wear a face mask, these adorable character masks might do the trick! This pack includes three face masks, each with a different graphic, and a mesh laundry bag. They are made from 100% cotton poplin with soft, elastic ear loops.

$9.50 for a 3-pack.

Masqd Kids’ Face Mask

Made in the USA from a certified antimicrobial cotton-lycra blend material, these masks are breathable and comfortable. Each mask features a metal nose bridge, and they come in various fun patterns, like unicorn treat and space galaxy. If buying multiple masks for school, you can save by buying a Back to School pack of 5 masks or 10 masks.

$15 each.

Cubcoats Mask Buddies

Cubcoats is known for their hoodies that fold into plushie friends, and we love that they took this concept to create face masks that fold down into wristlets. They are washable too.

$12.99 each or $24.99 for a 3-pack.

Simple Modern Face Mask for Kids

Comfortable and lightweight, featuring adjustable ear loops, adjustable nose wire, and a fitted shape that extends under the chin. As a bonus, they come in the cutest prints and are available on Amazon!

$6.99 each.

Green Sprouts Child Reusable Face Mask

The face masks from Green Sprouts are structured, lightweight, and breathable. They have an activated carbon layer that helps absorb impurities and keeps fresh air flowing, a water-resistant outer layer that helps block particles from contact with the nose and mouth, and a wicking lining that pulls moisture away from the skin for comfort. They come with a storage bag to keep clean between uses.

$9.99 each.

Kids Face Masks from Etsy

Etsy is a great place to shop for kids’ masks! There are thousands of shops selling kids’ face masks, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for a specific print or want to shop small. A few shops that came highly recommended include Matching Look (pictured), Moma Handmade Co, and Little Blooms Handmade.

Prices vary.

Face Mask Accessories for Kids

Delicates Laundry Bags ($11.99)

The CDC recommends washing face masks after each wearing. A mesh laundry bag makes that process a little easier because it keeps them separate from the rest of the laundry, and if your face mask has ties, it keeps them from getting tangled in your laundry.

Face Mask Lanyard Safety Breakaway ($9.99)

Keep face masks off the ground or from getting lost with a lanyard! These come in multiple colors and have a safety breakaway.

Elastic Mask Adjusters ($8.99)

If your face mask doesn’t come with adjusters for the ear loops, you can buy them on Amazon!

The Best Face Masks for Young Kids

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