Our Favorite Beach Toys for Kids

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One of our favorite warm-weather sayings is: “How to have a beach body: 1. Have a body, 2. Go to the beach.” And, you know what? We could stand to take cues from our kiddos because they LIVE this mantra. For many of them, all they need is a stick and beach access, and they’ll be pleased as punch—until they need a snack. 

For us, it usually takes *a bit* more forethought, and since most of us need to pack up and drive to the sand and salty air, our ideal life includes a pre-packed car and that “thought of everything” feeling. If you’re toting toddlers, start with our post, The Best Beach Gear for Toddlers, all about outfitting them for a fun day at the seaside. Then, check out the lists below for the absolute best sand and beach toys for kids. It includes everything you could need (lots of scooping toys) and some things you might not have considered (think: dinosaurs!). 

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Buckets & Beach Toy Sets

Melissa & Doug Sand Baking Set

This adorable set includes a mixing bowl, three seashell measuring cups, a crab mixing spoon, an octopus whisk, and a turtle lid that doubles as a sifter.

B. Toys Beach Ready Set

An all-in-one beach that set comes with everything you could need, including a mini-monster truck, pinwheel, sifter, water can, and multiple sand molds.

Green Toys Watering Can

Having a watering can at the beach is a game changer! We love this one from Green Toys that comes with a shovel and a rake. Plus, it’s made from recycled milk jugs and dishwasher safe.

Collapsible Beach Pails

If you’re short on space, you need collapsible beach pails! Since they fold down flat, they are perfect for travel or just for taking up less space in your beach bag.

Toddler Beach Toy Set

The matte easy-to-grip surfaces and smaller sized bucket make this an ideal beach set for toddlers. The four animal sand molds create a fun rainfall when filled with water.

Sand Digging Toys

Hape Hand Digger

Dig deeper holes, transport sand, and carry water all with this handy digger. Also available in green.

Matty’s Toy Grabber Claws

Just squeeze the handle, and you can pick up anything (including sand!) with these grabber claws.

Beach Sand Scooping Toys

Measuring 9″ long, these are ideal for tunneling and digging moats around sandcastles.

Haba Dinosaur Sand Glove

If you have a dinosaur lover, this toy is a must. Use the head to scoop sand or bury it in the sand.

Hape Rain Shovel

For the child who loves both sand and water play. Use as a shovel to dig, or fill with water and make it “rain” through the handle.

Beach Building Toys

Haba Spinning Funnel

Make extra unique sand creations with this spinning funnel. Fill with part water and part sand, then mix and create!

Sand Castle Beach Bucket

We love multipurpose toys, like these buckets that double as sand castle molds. And even better, they stack for transport. They’ll make you the envy of everyone at the beach!

Dinosaur Fossil Sand Molds

Create fossils in the sand with these super cool dinosaur molds! This set includes tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, and triceratops molds. (Another option here.)

Haba Sand Play Dump Truck

Of all the sand trucks, the Haba ones reign supreme! Made from child-safe materials, plus they have handles. So smart! A few other favorite includes the Excavator and Tanker Truck.

Hape Master Bricklayer Sand Toy

Build a castle one brick at a time! This set includes a brick mold, a smoother toy, and a shaper tool.

Jumbo Textured Sand Rollers

Have fun creating roads and patterns in the sand with this set of 5 textured rollers with easy-grip handles.

Haba Sand Toys Ice Cream Set

Nothing is better than ice cream on the beach! Includes pail, scoop, and three ice cream cones.

Sand Sifters

Your little one will love searching for shells and other treasures at the beach with these sand sifters!

Hape Double Sand & Water Wheel

This one will mesmerize your kids. Fill the funnel and watch the wheels turn!

Other Beach Toys

Seashell Mesh Tote 

This set of mesh totes is perfect for your beach explorers! Keep the treasures and filter out the sand.

Qrooper Toss and Catch Game Set

What 90s kids don’t remember these? Work on your child’s hand-eye coordination while having fun!

Water Blaster Soaker Gun

These water blasters are the best – put in the water, pull up on the head of the animal, and squirt. We guarantee these will provide hours of fun on the beach!

Summer Beach Ball Set

A beach favorite! This set comes with one 42″ jumbo ball and two 24″ classic balls.

Activ Life Flying Rings

These flying rings are lightweight, fly straight, and can be caught by the smallest hands. Plus, they float making them great for the park or the beach!

Octopus Kites

No beach round-up is complete without kites! This octopus set is ideal for kids because it’s easy to fly and control.

Our Favorite Beach Toys for Kids

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