The Best Baby Baths for Newborns to Toddlers

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There is nothing better than a freshly bathed baby. But bath time itself can be a little overwhelming if you’re not prepared, so having a baby bath or support is definitely a worthwhile purchase. They’ll keep your tiny wiggly baby supported and your bigger baby contained, which will make bath time a happier experience for the both of you!

Before we share the list of baby baths, let’s discuss the type of baby baths.

  • Sink Inserts – These are padded inserts that can rest inside a bathroom or kitchen sink to turn them into a cozy spot to bathe your baby. They are ideal for newborns and young infants and typically last no longer than six months. Although they can’t be used as long as basin tubs, they are ideal for small spaces and traveling.
  • Basin Tubs – These are designed to sit on the counter, on the floor, or in the bathtub. Many of them come with newborn inserts, so they can grow with your baby for up to a year. They can be quite large (although there is one on the list that will collapse), so be sure you have space to store them.
  • Bath Supports – These are products that don’t quite fit into either of the previous categories. They go inside the bathtub to provide additional support for bathtime.

Now onto our top picks…

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If you plan to primarily bathe your baby in the kitchen sink, the Blooming Bath is a great option. The four plush petals fold up around baby providing a soft and cozy spot for them to lounge during bathtime. Once bathtime is over simply wring out the excess water and then hang to dry or toss in the dryer.  Ages 0-6 months.

PUJ FLYTE ($34.99)

An innovative baby product at the time it hit the market, the Puj tub turns the bathroom sink into a baby bath. It’s made from a soft and sturdy material that keeps baby cradled and cozy during bathtime and is comfortable for parents as well since it doesn’t require leaning over. Once bathtime is over, it can be hung on a wall or folded up and placed in a drawer. It also easily fits in a suitcase making it great for travel.  Ages 0-6 months.



This dual-stage tub grows with your baby from their newborn days up to their first birthday. The foam-padded backrest and support bump keep baby in an upright and comfortable position during bathtime, and the shape of the bath keeps baby warm in the water. Once bathtime is over, drain the water using the pull-tab drain and use the handle to hang on the wall.  Ages 0-12 months.


Inflatable baby baths have been a popular option for years because they are affordable, convenient, and easy to store. You might be familiar with the classic duck, but this is another popular option that has a saddle horn at the base to keep baby from sliding down. Once bathtime is over, simply drain the plug to release the water and fold up to store.  Ages 6-24 months.


A 4-in-1 option that grows with your baby from newborn to infant and then toddler. Start out by using the newborn sling, then the infant insert, and once your baby is ready they can graduate to the sitting position with the support insert and then without it.  Ages 0-24 months.


This option has been a top seller for years. There are two bathing positions – start with the reclining position for infants and then flip the tub around for a sitting position for older babies and toddlers. Both positions provide anatomical support and a safety post to keep baby safely in place. There are recessed pockets for soap and shampoo, and a hook to hang when not in use.  Ages 0-24 months. 


This three-stage baby bathtub grows with your baby through the newborn, infant, and toddler months. It has a contoured non-slip back and an adjustable bump to support baby as they grow. And as a bonus, it has a color-changing plug to help parents get the temperature just right. Ages 0-18 months.


If you’re short on space but looking for more than just a bathtub insert, this might be the baby bath for you! It features a narrow end for cradling newborns and infants and a wider end for babies who can sit up. It has a built-in support post to keep baby in place, and a quick-release dual-sided drain that’s easy to access even with your baby in the tub. Once bathtime is done, the tub collapses flat for compact storage. Ages 0-18 months. 


This is a 3-stage bathtub that grows with your child from newborn to toddler. The sling locks into two positions: higher for head-to-toe support for the newborn stage and lower to create a supportive seat for infants. Once your child is confident sitting you can remove the sling and convert to a mini bathtub.  Ages 0-12 months.



The ergonomic design of this baby bath support keeps baby comfortable and secure, and the soft mesh material is gentle on baby’s skin and allows water to flow freely. It fits inside a standard bathtub and has a hook to store between baths.  Ages 0-6 months.


This bath seat attaches to the bathtub with the locking suction cups and provides a place for your baby to securely sit and play during bathtime.  Ages 5-10 months.

The Best Baby Baths for Newborns to Toddlers

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