Back to School Basics Under $15

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I know a few of you have already sent your littles back to school, but we still have a couple of weeks of summer! Of course, I’m soaking in these last days with all three of my babies at home and crossing a few more things off the summer bucket list, but we’re also in full back-to-school prep mode. I get in the mood to organize my entire life in August, even more so than the start of the calendar year! I spend a good chunk of time finalizing our weekly family schedule, cleaning out the house, and prepping all of our wardrobes for fall.

Today I’m going to share with you guys the process I go through when organizing the kids’ closets for back-to-school. I’ve found a little work beforehand will make your mornings run much smoother. Plus I’ll show you guys all the back-to-school basics I found at Walmart. And the best part is that everything was under $15!


Before I start school shopping for the kids, I take a full inventory of what they have and make a shopping list. This way I don’t overbuy but I also get everything we need. Here are the steps:

  1. Do all the kids’ laundry.  Yes, I know laundry is the worst but if I’m going to do a big clean-out I want to see everything we have at once. Everything I put in storage or donate needs to be cleaned anyway, so I get this crossed off the list first.
  2. Clean out the kids’ dressers and closets.  I empty everything out and sort items into four piles: keep, hand-me-down, storage, or donate. Items in the “hand-me-down” pile immediately go to a younger sibling and items to put in storage don’t currently fit any of my kids or aren’t appropriate for the upcoming season. This is important because I don’t want to have an argument over my kids wearing shorts in the middle of winter. Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Put away the “keep” pile.  Group similar items together and make sure the items they use daily are easily accessible to them. I use storage cubes to organize smaller items in their drawers like socks, underwear, and accessories.
  4. Make a shopping list.  Take inventory of everything we have and make a list of what is needed.
  5. Budget and prioritize.  This may be different than what others do, but I always set the budget after I’ve made a shopping list for each kid based on what they need. Mae typically needs more clothing than Winnie because she doesn’t get hand-me-downs. Then when shopping we always start with the basics – leggings, jeans, tees, play dresses, play shorts, socks, and underwear. These are the items that make up the majority of their wardrobe and that get worn repeatedly.

Then it’s time to shop! This year I took that list and bought Mae’s back-to-school basics at Walmart. I know I’ve said before that I’ve been really impressed with their clothing, and their basics are no exception. My favorite brand for basics is Wonder Nation (Walmart’s exclusive children’s brand) – they have a great selection of leggings, tees, and dresses in solid colors and the quality is great! A few of our favorites include this sweater (it’s so soft), these jeans, this eyelet tee, and of course lots of leggings. Mae was also obsessed with this kitty backpack that really is too cute.

Another thing I love is that Walmart has free 2-day shipping on orders over $35+ and easy returns. You can also shop online and pick up in-store, oftentimes the same day.

You can shop Walmart’s back-to-school shop, and find everything in the pics linked below:

Ruffle Hem Sweater
Striped and Solid Leggings
Bow Slip-On Sneakers
Kitty Backpack

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