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Artwork to Diversify Your Child’s Playroom

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I’ve been thinking a lot about what, if anything, I (as a white, suburban mom actively working on anti-racism and meaningful allyship) could add to the conversation about diversity and inclusion.

There are so many beautiful lists of books about diversity and inclusion, like this one from 101 Mamas and these lists from The Conscious Kid, as well as Black-owned shops to support. I especially love Post 21, a site created by and supporting Black women. 

One thing I hadn’t seen much chatter about is kids’ bedroom and playroom art. Seeing people who don’t all look like us is an important way to raise actively anti-racist children. Small things like a pretty, thoughtful print can go a long way, not only in supporting Black artists, but also in showing our children the inherent beauty of all people. 

I spent some time digging around Etsy to find prints I’d want to frame for my children and for me. These are all from Black-owned shops. Many of them are instant downloads and prices start at just a few dollars. 

Image: GyloILLustrations

You Are Magic Digital Print from ByChenelle, $6

There’s just something about the “You Are Magic” message that always resonates with me. I want all children to hear and see it early and often. Even I need to hear it, mmm, at least once a day.

The image of a beautiful woman truly embracing her magic in this print is so powerful. The muted colors that go along with it communicate warmth and strength. And, it’s an instant download, so you don’t have to wait before putting it up in your child’s nursery or playroom. Magic, indeed!

Be sure to check out ByChenelle’s other affirmation digital downloads (like this and this) if you want to hang a set of images.

Image: ByChenelle

Psalms Digital Download from WashingtonCuts, $8.50

I love the simplicity and impactful message on this print that features scripture encircling a pregnant mother. Whether you’re religious or not, the message from Psalm 139 communicates the universal experience of motherhood: For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Especially as a mother, it’s a reinforcing message that we are the vessels of the next generation. Our works—our children—really are wonderfully made.

Image: WashingtonCuts

Mother & Child Line Art from GyloILLustrations, $8.75+

There are so many things about this piece that make my heart swell: the double hand hold, the colors, the gaze, the mother crouching to her child’s eye level.

This print would be a perfect image to build a colorful gallery wall around in any room, especially in a playroom. Many modern parents find bright colors cheesy and try to balance color with their more neutral or monochrome aesthetic, and this piece would fit into any decor scheme. The black lines will help younger babies learn to track with their eyes, while the brighter colors will keep older kiddos engaged.

Image: GyloILLustrations

Book Smart with an Afro Print from LovelyEarthlings, $25.31+

How fun would this print be above a bookshelf? Many customers have shared photos of it in their rooms, which makes for major inspo, and the art itself comes in multiple sizes. This image is printed on 120lb card stock, and just passing by it would encourage even the smallest readers to pick up a book and start thumbing through.

Image: LovelyEarthlings

Together from MKobyArt, $30

Three manicured hands in different hues reaching toward the same sun is a strong message for anyone, and an especially impactful image for children to see early. One Etsy review raved: “This piece is so stunning, I even use it as my wallpaper on my phone because I love it so much!” Art moves us and makes us think differently. I find this piece highly evocative—in its simplicity and in its depth.

Image: MKobyArt

If you buy any of this art, we’d love to see it in your spaces! Please tag @thriftylittles on Instagram or Facebook so we can celebrate it right along with you.

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