A Happy Announcement (+ First Trimester Favorites)

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Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement

In case you didn’t figure it out from the blog post title, we are expecting baby #3! This pregnancy was a (very HAPPY) surprise, so much of a surprise that I didn’t even take a pregnancy test until week nine! But we’ve always planned on three children, so we’re thrilled even if it’s ahead of schedule. We just need to figure out our housing situation because 1300 square feet is already feeling a bit cramped with four humans and two dogs (it’s mostly the one teeny tiny bathroom we all share). I actually think we’re going to stay put until after the baby comes because the current housing market in Seattle majorly freaks me out, and we haven’t decided yet if we’re going to size up just a little bit and stay closer in or opt for something a little bigger in the suburbs. I’m also not quite ready to say goodbye to our first family home.

Right now I’m 17 weeks along with the baby scheduled to arrive just after the new year. Even though I didn’t technically figure out I was pregnant until a good part of the way through the first trimester, I had all the symptoms of pregnancy (exhaustion, nausea, wanting nothing to do with coffee). I just thought it was taking my 33-year-old self a super long time to recover from the Beyoncé concert, and then thinking I caught whatever bug my husband had. It’s all pretty hilarious to me now – you’d think I’d be able to recognize a pregnancy the third time around! We are going to find out the baby’s sex at the 20-week ultrasound and while I’m thinking it’s a boy, Ryan has pretty much always said we’re gonna have three girls. Mae’s also been talking about a “brother baby” since a few weeks before I confirmed the pregnancy, so maybe she knows something! 😉

I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, which has taken me longer this pregnancy than the last two. I feel like I’ve been pretty flakey here the past few months between the pregnancy and summer travel, but hoping to get back to my routine. Thank you guys for bearing with me.

While we’re here, I thought it’d be fun to share some first-trimester (and beyond) favorites with you guys. Just a few things to help keep you comfortable during what can be some of the hardest months, for me at least!Ten First Trimester Pregnancy Favorites | Thrifty Littles Blog1 |  Zella High Rise Leggings. These work for both postpartum and the first trimester when people aren’t quite sure if you just ate a giant burrito or are growing a child. Maybe it’s a little of both? Either way, I swear by these.

2 |  Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn. I read a few books when pregnant with Mae, but zero during my pregnancy with Winnie. I had a pretty rough delivery with Winnie so I’m hoping some refreshing on pregnancy & birth will ease my mind. Just a heads up that the author has a slight bias towards an unmedicated birth. Although I’m planning on getting an epidural with this birth, my delivery with Winnie made me realize that not everything goes according to plan (the girl came fast and I was 9cm when I got an epidural) so I want to be mentally prepared for anything.

3 |  Make + Model. Everything. Since comfort is my #1 priority while pregnant, I’m always on the hunt for cute, comfortable loungewear. Enter Make + Model. This has been my go-to lounge brand since my mama gave me a set a few years ago for Christmas. Everything they make is so soft and doesn’t make me feel frumpy. It’s also super high-quality and lasts!

4 |  Vitafusion PreNatal Vitamins. I am so sad I didn’t know about these during my first two pregnancies. Ryan was the one that bought them for me and I am hooked. So much easier to take than regular vitamins when you’re feeling a little nauseous during the beginning of your pregnancy.

5 |  Zoe Organics Belly Butter. I’m thankful that I haven’t gotten any stretch marks, but I do get an itchy belly and this helps! This has been a favorite brand of mine for awhile, and love that you can buy it at Target now.

6 |  Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle. It’s important to drink lots of water during pregnancy, and the only way I keep up is to have a water bottle on me all the time. I love the Lifefactory ones because they don’t contain harmful chemicals, they’re dishwasher safe, and they’re cute!

7 |  Liz Lange Maternity Tank Tops. So I never even really stopped wearing this tank top when I wasn’t pregnant. It is the best. I layer it, sleep in it, everything. They’re so comfortable, and I’m impressed with the quality for the price!

8  | The Bump App. A fun & easy way to see how baby is growing & developing each week, plus there’s some fun articles when you’re bored at the doctor’s office.

9 |  EOS Lip Balm. I don’t remember if it was this bad during my other pregnancies, but my lips have been crazy chapped this time around! I love the EOS ones because they’re easy to find in my diaper bag and, well, I just love them!

10 |  Seamless Day Bra.  So comfortable for your ever-changing, sensitive pregnancy boobs. I like the V-neckline on these ones because it helps avoid the uniboob look.

If you’d like to document your pregnancy, be sure to check out my post Five Sweet Ways to Document Your Pregnancy.

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