Today we’re kicking off our new Gift Guide series, where we’ll be rounding up our favorite toys for kids from birth up to age 5. We’ll be doing toys under $25 and over $25, so you’ll have plenty of gift ideas for birthday parties or your own little one.

First up, 25 toys under $25 for baby’s first year. It’s all about stimulating baby’s senses the first year, so they’ll love exploring toys with bold colors, as well as different textures and noises. They also start teething and will put everything in the mouth, so pick some toys they can chew on to soothe their gums.


Here are some of our top picks:

1 |  Indestructibles Picture Books ($5.95)

Indestructibles Baby Books | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

These adorable books are chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof, so they’re perfect for babies. And when they need a washing, just toss ’em in the dishwasher! Over twenty titles to choose from.

2 |  Green Toys Twist Teether Toy ($10.99)

Green Toys Twist Teether Toy | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

The perfect first rattle toy for babies because it’s easy for them to grasp and hold. Each charm has a distinct texture to stimulate baby, and they’ll love the rattle noise. Made in the USA from 100% food-safe recycled milk containers and dishwasher safe.

3 |  Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Baby Book ($12.99)

Peekaboo Soft Activity Book | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearBabies love crinkly baby books, and we love this peekaboo one from Melissa & Doug! It has bright colors and 5+ peek-a-boo animals for baby to find in every scene. See more Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Baby Books here.

4 |  Taggies Sherbet Lamb Lovey Toy ($19.99)

Taggies Sherbet Lamb Lovey | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

Taggies is a classic baby toy brand created when a mom noticed how much her baby loved to play with satin tags on toys. The Sherbet Lamb Lovey is one of our favorites because it’s just so cute! Made from ultra-soft fabrics and adorned with lots of satin tags for baby to explore. You can see lots more Taggies here.

5 |  CaaOcho Mia the Lamb Teething Toy ($18.99)

CaaOcho Mia the Lamb Teething Toy | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

CaaOcho makes some of the most beautiful baby toys out of 100% pure natural rubber. Mia the Lamb has textured ears, tail, and legs to tooth and massage sore gums, and she makes gentle squeaking sounds when squeezed. You can some of her friends here.

6 |  Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball ($10.99)

Sassy Developmental Ball | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

This bumpy ball features multiple textures to stimulate baby. The brightly-colored chunky-sized bumps encourage baby to reach, grasp, and transfer from one hand to another.

7 |  Safety 1st Ellie Elephant Teether ($5.99)

Ellie Elephant Teething Toy | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

How cute is Ellie the Elephant Teether? It’s the perfect size for little hands to grip, and babies will love to chew on the soft silicone. It’s freezer safe to help soothe sore gums when teething.

8 | B. Toys One Two Squeeze Blocks ($14.99)

B Toys Squeeze Blocks | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

These One Two Squeeze Blocks have been a favorite at our house for years! They are soft and squeezable with stimulating textures and colors. Babies love to stack them, squeeze them, and chew on them.

9 |  B. Toys FunKeys ($15.99)

B Toys Fun Keys | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

Every parent knows how much babies love keys, and these ones look like the real thing! This set even has a key fob with a flashlight and four buttons with different sounds.

10 |  O Ball Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle ($9.99)

OBall Rainstick Rattle | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearOball creates some of my favorite toys for young babies because the large holes make them easy for young babies to grasp (this one is my favorite toy when babies are first learning to grasp). This one is larger and has a rain stick inside to keep babies entertained.

11 |  Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Soft Activity Puppet Book ($14.99)

Bandana Buddies Puppet Book | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearThis is a 2-in-1 toy that babies can either “read” like a book or play with like a hand puppet. Each page has engaging textures, sounds, and activities for baby. It also has a top loop for hanging or transport. You can see all three animals available here.

12 |  HABA Rattling Max Dangling Figure ($15.99)

Haba Clutching Toy | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearMax is the cutest baby toy! He has a bendable body that clacks against itself to make a soothing sound for baby. The ring at the bottom can be used for grabbing or attaching toys.

13 |  Yoee Developmental Baby Toy ($24.99)

Yoee Developmental Baby Toy | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

Yoee Baby is a developmental baby toy that parents can use to play with even the youngest babies. Parents can use the feather-like tail to caress and interact with their baby, and once the baby is old enough the toy can become a rattle and teether.

14 |  Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band ($23)

4 Piece Baby Band | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearOur musical toys have always been some of our most well-loved baby toys! This brightly colored 4-piece set includes a rainmaker, maraca, tambourine, and cage bell perfectly sized for baby.

15 |  Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set ($9.99)

Infantino Textured Baby Ball | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearOne of the most simple baby toys, but also the best! These textured balls are just the right size for baby and help the different textures help them develop their tactile senses.

16 |  Sassy Ring O’ Links Rattle Developmental Toy ($4.99)

Sassy Rings Developmental Toys | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearThese are a classic and I love that they’re multi-use! Babies will enjoy playing with them on their own, but the links can also be used to attach toys to baby carriers, play gyms, or high chairs.

17 |  Melissa & Doug Flip Fish ($16.99)

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearThis flip fish has a squeaker tail and crinkling peek-a-boo scales with different textures.

18 |  HAPE Double Bubble Wooden Bead Maze ($19.99)

Hape Wooden Bead Maze | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearAn adorable first bead maze for baby! This one even has four sturdy suction cups so it can be secured to a smooth surface. It has a combination of classic beads and nesting beads.

19 |  CaaOcho Rubber Sensory Ball ($21.99)

CaaOcho Sensory Ball | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearThis lightweight ball features 6 different textures and colors to stimulate baby, and it makes a gentle squeaking sound.

20 |  Green Toys My First Stacker ($14.99)

Green Toys My First Stacker | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearThis is the perfect first stacker for babies because it has eight graduated pieces and no center post. Babies can stack pieces of varying sizes together which reduces frustration and promotes learning.

21 |  HABA Sensory Ball ($15.99)

HABA Sensory Ball | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearThis sensory ball has eight colorful sections that offer different textures and sounds, and younger babies can grasp the individual sections.

22 |  Ambi Toys Baby Mirror ($9.99)

Ambi Toys Baby Mirror | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearBabies love mirrors, and this simple one is perfect for little hands to hold. Plus it can easily be tucked into the diaper bag for entertainment on-the-go.

23 |  Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Toy ($15)

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle Teether Toy | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First YearOne of the first toys babies can grasp with their hands. The tubes promote clutching and two-handed play, and the inside cube produces a gentle rattle sound.

24 |  Spots and Dots Board Book ($6.95)

Art Baby Board Book | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

Babies love looking at high-contrast images from the time they are just days old. This book uses black and white shapes with bold colors to create patterns that baby will love.

25 |  Tiny love Stroller Arch ($24.99)

Tiny Love Stroller Arch | 25 Gifts under $25 for Baby's First Year

One of my favorite baby purchases to date! This attaches to most strollers, car seats, and bouncers to entertain baby on the go! Features a variety of activities, textures, and sounds to keep baby engaged.

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