Nap time is one of my favorite times to take photos my babies. There is really nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe, and I know these pictures will forever be some of my most treasured. So I was thrilled when I discovered the crib sheets from Rookie Humans last fall. These crib sheets help you capture the magic of nap time by providing the sweetest photo-ready backdrops. Bonus that it takes zero prep work or creativity on my end!


The Sweetest Crib Sheets by Rookie Humans!

The Sweetest Crib Sheets from Rookie Humans

Rookie Humans was started by mama of two Gabriela Anggono. She dreamed up the idea for her crib sheets when photographing her own sleeping babies. She wanted to have a background to help her capture these sweet moments.

Gaby works with artists from around the globe to create the sheets. Each artist brings their own unique interpretation of nap time to their design. The current collection includes two designs each from artists Ellen Giggenback of New Zealand and Swantje Hinrichsen of Germany. They are limited edition, with new designs scheduled to arrive later this summer.

And wouldn’t these just make the sweetest gift for a new baby? The packaging is beautiful, which makes them extra perfect for gifts!

The Sweetest Crib Sheets by Rookie Humans

The Sweetest Crib Sheets by Rookie Humans!

Rookie Humans crib sheets are available for purchase both at Amazon and through their website. Shop now from their website and take $5 off with code THRIFTYLITTLES (plus they ship free).

Thanks to Rookie Humans for sending us some crib sheets to test out! 

Photos by Ashley Vos Photography.