I get asked quite often about my favorite bow shops for the girls. I know there are a lot of bow shops out there these days, but the truth is I always seem to go back to a handful of favorites that have impressed me time and time again. One that’s at the very top of that list is Free Babes Handmade.

Free Babes Handmade Bows

Free Babes Handmade Bow Shop

The bows from Free Babes Handmade are perfection. Truly beautiful & timeless. They currently have three styles available – the schoolgirl (which is my favorite for everyday or pigtails) and the large & mini sailor bows.

Beyond being adorable, Free Babes Handmade bows are made with top-of-the-line fabrics and will last! I have one favorite mini sailor bow in particular that Mae and Winnie have worn more times than I can count and it’s still in near-perfect condition. I know their bows are priced a bit higher than some other bow shops, but I promise you that they’re worth the little extra money as they are 100% guaranteed! A few months ago the owner Hillary had a customer inform her that their schoolgirl bows had come untied and she responded by giving all customers the option to ship them back to her for free so she could add a stitch to secure them (they all come secured now). She wants the bows to be heirloom pieces, and they really are.

Plus look at these colors and prints! I just adore them.

Free Babes Handmade Bow Shop

The Free Babes Handmade Spring 2016 Collection is launching on Monday, January 25th 10am MST so set those alarms! You can follow along with Free Babes Handmade on Instagram to keep in the loop about all product launches and availability.

(If you’re on Instagram, head on over to my feed and enter to win a full set of schoolgirl bows from the Spring 2016 collection.)