A few days ago Mae asked me for a stick horse, which had me so excited about because I love a good ol’ classic toy. While searching for one online, I came across one of my favorite toy brands, Flatout Frankie. While they don’t have ride-on horses, they do have unicorns & dinosaurs! Even better if you ask me (just not sure yet if Mae will go for it – she’s a stubborn one, that girl)!

Flatout Frankie Unicorn

Flatout Frankie Dinosaur

Flatout Frankie is based in New Zealand and they create toys from 100% recyclable materials. From a race car to a play kitchen to stack-up dolls, their toys encourage creativity and active play. You can leave them as-is (all their toys have adorable designs) or your kids could jazz them up by adding some color, stickers, or glitter!

Flatout Frankie Kitchen

Flatout Frankie Pirates

Flatout Frankie products range in price from $18 to $45. It used to be hard to track them down in the US, but thankfully you can now order most of their products through Amazon (with Prime shipping)! Hooray!

Flatout Frankie Racecar

All images via Flatout Frankie.

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