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If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you probably know that Tegu Magnetic Blocks are one of my top toy recommendations for pretty much all ages. Mae received her first set when she was about a year old and they’re still one of her favorite toys. We take them on the plane (they are the BEST toys for traveling), we take them to restaurants, and we play with them at home (yes, the hubs and me included).

Tegu Magnetic BlocksBecause Tegu Magnetic Blocks are a bit pricey (but so worth the investment), it’s really worth finding a sale on them. Well right now they’re over on Zulily at up to 40% off, including their smaller starter sets and the larger building sets. One of the best deals is on the Mahogany Endeavor Block Set that retails for $75 but drops to just $45 during the sale! Woowoo!

The Tegu Toys sale runs today through Sunday morning. Zulily offers all-day one-time shipping, meaning that once you place one order in a day, all other orders placed that same day will ship for free!

(Tegu Natural Original Block Set pictured above can be found here.)