You guys, so excited about today’s deal! I found the Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle in both red and pink marked down to $38 from $60, a savings of 37% and the BEST deal I’ve seen on these highly-rated trikes! The red is at the $38 price at both Amazon and Target, but if you want the pink it looks like you’ll have to go through Target.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle

This classic tricycle is one of my favorite ones out there. I love it’s classic, timeless design. It’s constructed from steel and has a chrome handlebar and fender. It also has real rubber ties, and adjustable seat, and a rear step for easy on and easy off. It also has a controlled turning radius to prevent tipping.

Radio Flyer Classic  Pink Tricycle

No end date given on the sale, so be quick if you want one!

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