I’m going to be honest, I didn’t even attempt a baby book for Mae. Worst mom ever, right? All the options I came across while pregnant seemed like a pretty serious time commitment, and since I’ve never been into scrap booking and am the least crafty person of all time, I just knew I’d never be able to stay up on it.

So the craft-challenged mama I am was ecstatic to see one of my long-time favorite baby print shops, Lucy Darling, release a memory called A Simple Book of Firsts. What they describe as a “guilt-free baby book” is just what I’ve been looking for!

Baby Memory Books by Lucy Darling

Like everything from Lucy Darling, their new baby book is completely adorable. But what I love even more is they’re completely doable, even for me! These books are the perfect way to document your baby’s first year milestones and special memories without the extensive time commitment that cause so many other baby books to be left unfinished (I’ll even be able to go back and complete one for Mae!). In the end you’ll have a treasured keepsake to share with your little one when they grow up and none of that guilt from never finishing (or even starting) a baby book.

The Lucy Darling memory books are available in two designs, a floral design and a gender-neutral animal lover design. Each memory book has 48 pages with spaces to document monthly updates for the first year then yearly up to age 5 and even their first day of school (cue the tears). It also includes a place to document all your babe’s firsts, from the first bath to their first haircut, as well as your family tree and of course all the arrival stats and facts from the day they were born. And I love that they’re affordable too, just $34.99!

Baby Memory Books by Lucy Darling

In addition to baby books, Lucy Darling carries a variety of other adorable products including closet dividers for babies (my favorite!), monthly sticker sets for babies & pregnancy, and lots of prints for the nursery & home. Their products are the highest quality, made right here in the USA, and make the best baby shower gifts.


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