Anyone else love Calico Critters as much as I do? They’re absolutely the sweetest toys! And although we don’t have any accessories yet, Mae loves her Calico Critters Hopper Kangaroo Family! You might even say she’s a little obsessed, particularly with the baby. If you also have a child that loves Calico Critters, you probably know just how hard it can be to find them on sale. I don’t know why, but they’re rarely marked down. But guess what? Right now there’s lots 25% off over on Amazon. And after I did a little digging I found they’re 25% at Toys R Us too – must be some price matching going on!

Calico Critters Collection


A few of my favorite Calico Critters toys are above, but you can find lots more at Amazon and Toys R Us, including family sets for just $18.74. And just so you know, the Family Camper (which may just be my all-time favorite) is only at Toys R Us.