Happy Saturday! I keep thinking I’m going to take a break from posting deals on baby gear, but they just keep on coming!
I woke up to find that Amazon is having a deal on BOB jogging strollers and since these are always a top requested item, I have to hop on here and share.

Most BOB strollers are currently marked down 20% but right now Amazon is taking an extra $30 off BOB singles and an extra $50 off BOB doubles at checkout for a savings of up to 29%!

BOB Jogging Stroller

A few of the most popular styles are below, but see all the strollers included in the sale here.

Revolution SE Single | Retail: $459, Sale: $338
Revolution SE Duallie | Retail: $669, Sale: $486
Revolution Flex (SE with adjustable handlebar) |  Retail: $479, Sale: $354
Revolution Flex Duallie |  Retail: $689, Sale: $502

Sport Utility (for off-roading) | Retail: $389, Sale: $282
Ironman (for long-distance running) | Retail: $419, Sale: $306

If you’re trying to determine which BOB stroller is best for you, I find this chart super helpful!

My favorite BOB sales are when they drop 30%, but that only happens a few times per year and only saves an additional $15-$20 off the prices above. If you’re wanting to snag yourself a stroller in the next few months, I would say now is a good time to buy!

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