It might be a little strange that I’m so in love with a baby product I never actually used, but I am so I’m just going to own it. The Mamaroo was one of my dream baby products back when Mae was an infant. They’re just so practical. And I love that they’re pretty and take up very little space compared to other baby swings.

4moms Mamaroo

And just when I thought I couldn’t be more in love with this product, 4moms released a brand new model for the new year. Of course the new one has all the features we love about the Mamaroo (five unique rocking motions and speeds, the ability to connect to an MP3), but now you can control the rocking and the sounds from most smart devices using the 4moms app! So now while your little one is snoozing, you can turn their music off without even leaving the couch. Score!

The new design also features a redesigned base and interface, new plush fabric patterns, and an updated toy ball design.

4moms Mamaroo

The new Mamaroo can be purchased directly through the 4moms website or through Amazon (it looks like they’re on sale but they’re not — the classic fabric retails for $239 and the plush retails for $269).

*And if you’re interested in the previous model, Amazon has them marked down 20%! The classic (available in silver or black) is marked down to just $175 from $219 and the plush (available in blue, green, silver & multi) is marked down to $199 from $249.

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